Verify the Recall – Another Success Story!

I recently wrote about how mediatrackers and Verify The Recall were working together to "out" people who signed the recall petition. The sole purpose of VTR was to intimidate and harass anyone who signed the petition. They have done a very good job of it even getting some media outlets to punish employees who have signed.

Now we get confirmation that their “outing” of community members and fellow citizens has worked exactly as planned. Madison morning news anchor Rob Starbuck was recently subjected to death threats. Police report here!

The anonymous male walker supporting caller made the threat that Starbuck should wear a bulletproof vest and better yet should wear it on his head because that was where he planned on shooting him. This is obvious code for I am a strong republican and I watch Fox News religiously! Fox News contributor and former Nixon Aide G.Gordon Liddy gave that advice out a few years ago (when speaking about the best way to kill federal agents).

Yes, VTR is working just like they planned it! Every time something like this happens the Founders of the VTR database should be held for questioning.

PS: It is finally time for Governor Walker to denounce these acts of violence in his name. He can be reached to be reminded Via twitter at @govwalker or Rebecca Kleefisch at @rebeccaforreal!


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3 thoughts on “Verify the Recall – Another Success Story!

  1. If I were the investigating officer (my girlfrined and I were just talking about this since we had a run-in in December with a crazy as well), I would contact United Recall and the DPW and get a list of people encountered who seemed unhinged and hostile.

    Run the names for restraining orders, police records and so forth.

    I have the name, address and phone of the guy a neighbor and I encountered. He is 50-60, white male and is a nutjob.

  2. yes since VTR was supposedly set up so people who did not sign,could enter their address and name and see if it ended up on the petitions. VTR should willing turn over the results of all of the people who did this to help the police investigation.

  3. I miss the days of blissful ignorance when I was so naive that my main concern about the VTR publication was that it was a massive give-away to identity thieves. 🙁

    Since the list was posted, there have been cars with out-of-state registration and pro-Walker slogans painted on them parked across the street from me. Sometimes they don’t move for a week or longer. I was a passenger in a car bearing “Recall Walker” stickers when one of these cars was used to intimidate us by charging at us, stopping just short of a collision, and refusing to let us leave. A neighbor who also has recall stickers on her car reports being attacked in a similar manner.

    I can take some solace in the fact that the GOP OCR software doesn’t work very well, and (last time I looked) nobody has corrected my butchered name. Since our names and apartment numbers are posted at the front door (meaning they don’t need my name), and the front door is often left ajar, there’s a very real possibility that I could be jumped in the hallways of my own building. That IS scary!

    If anybody is harmed or killed because of VTR, I hope that the district attorneys do their jobs and work to indict all parties involved with VTR for conspiracy.

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