The Curious Case of Scott Jensen

Who can forget the case of Scott Jensen, former Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly who was convicted of three felonies? I haven’t forgotten, and I haven’t forgotten the fact that despite being convicted in May of 2006 to serve 15 months in Wisconsin State Prison for his three felony convictions, Scott Jensen has not served one single day in prison.

To this day, Scott Jensen is still free while he appeals his conviction, and I’m willing to bet many a criminal in Wisconsin would love the same treatment Jensen is receiving. I’m also willing to venture a guess that if there were another thrice-convicted felon who hadn’t served a day of his imposed prison sentence more than a year after he was convicted, conservatives like Young Jessica McBride would be gnashing their teeth at “liberal activist judges” or some such nonsense. As Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, Scott Jensen wielded a tremendous amount of power, and he chose to use that power to engage in illegal and highly unethical behavior. Scott Jensen undermined the credibility of one of our state’s most important political institutions, and he should be held accountable for his actions, and that means serving the sentence that was imposed by his sentencing judge. The fact that he remains free on appeal is an absolute sham.

The fact that Scott Jensen is getting special treatment – treatment that wasn’t given to wrongfully-convicted Georgia Thompson – simply blows my mind. The fact that Scott Jensen still walks the streets a free man after being convicted to serve prison time for three felonies makes an absolute mockery of our legal system.


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