Something’s Amiss

For the past few months, Cindy Kilkenny over at Fairly Conservative has been blogging about the escapades of Kevin Fischer. Among the topics Cindy’s blogged about has been the suspicion that Fischer has been blogging in his personal blog on state time. After careful examination of Fischer’s time sheets, Cindy has come to the realization Fischer used roughly 209 hours of vacation in 2007. What’s interesting about the amount of vacation Fischer took is the fact that as an exempt state employee with 5 or less years of state employment, Fischer should only be eligible for 120 hours of paid vacation time per year. Here’s more from Cindy:

Fischer consistently defends his time spent on WISN as his own. He takes vacation for it. When he filled in every day the week of 12/3 to 12/7, it’s on the time sheet for 2 hours each day. Lots of other WISN/vacation days line up, too. (He’s got most of the dates on his blog.) The wild thing is, in 2007 – even with September’s number unkown – Fischer claimed (and Lazich signed off on) 209 hours of vacation. Ok, I thought, there’s something I’m missing.

What I’m wondering – and I know I’m not alone – is how Kevin Fischer managed to take 209 hours of vacation time in 2007, despite the fact that he should only have 120 hours to take. As a taxpayer, I’m more than a little concerned about this situation, and I hope Kevin Fischer and his boss, State Senator Mary Lazich, have a good explanation.


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  1. Ever think maybe Mr. Fischer worked for others in the legislature before Lazich? Did you or Ms. Kilkenny check that out?

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