More violence from McCain/Palin supporters

A couple of days ago, I blogged about an account of a reporter being assaulted by a McCain/Palin supporter at a McCain/Palin campaign rally. Now comes news a volunteer for the Obama/Biden campaign was assaulted by a disgruntled homeowner in Caledonia. The campaign worker, Nancy Takehara of Chicago, was canvassing door to door when she encountered the homeowner:

“The next thing I know he’s telling us we’re not his people, we’re probably with ACORN, and he started screaming and raving,” Takehara said. “He grabbed me by the back of the neck. I thought he was going to rip my hair out of my head. He was pounding on my head and screaming. The man terrified me.”

Perhaps I’m way off base, but I see these incidents as being the logical end result of the inflammatory rhetoric we’ve heard coming from the Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin, as well as their supporters, after the campaign’s poll numbers started to slide when the economy crashed. However, I know there’s a few conservative folks who read this blog, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on these incidences of violence by McCain/Palin supporters.


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4 thoughts on “More violence from McCain/Palin supporters

  1. Zach,

    Again…Every city, every state, every party has their loonies. And they come out of the woodwork every election. I can’t even call these people you are talking about the “extreme” right. They are just extreme.

  2. That may be true, Janet, but their behavior is still unacceptable and it needs to be publically condemned by the candidates. To say that “again… it’s the loonies” seems to be patting them on the hand and saying, “Now you be nice to those silly people” and letting them go. That is just not acceptable.

  3. Yes…of course when they are aware of violence such as this they should condem it, I agree. Actually, all violence should be condemned. I’m not implying what you said, Jason.

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