Walker campaign staffer serving jail time for second OWI

Boy, Gov. Scott Walker’s staffers just can’t stop breaking the law…

Nicole Tieman who resigned without explanation Friday as Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign spokeswoman has begun serving a 20-day sentence behind bars in Milwaukee County on a drunken-driving conviction.

Tieman, 25, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court to her second OWI offense, reversing her plea from a week earlier. Judge John Siefert sentenced Tieman to 20 days confinement starting no later than June 3, took away her driving privileges for a year and imposed a $950 fine. 

She was granted work-release privileges to seek a job and to get alcohol or drug treatment.

Records show Tieman, who lives in Waukesha, was booked into the House of Correction in Franklin, formerly the County Correctional Facility-South, on Wednesday. 

For those of you keeping track at home, Nicole Tieman is the sixth (by my count) close associate or staffer of Scott Walker’s to have been convicted of a crime. That’s quite a record, and not in a good way.


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7 thoughts on “Walker campaign staffer serving jail time for second OWI

  1. Beauty, brains, but besieged by a personal demon.

    I wish Ms. Tieman a speedy recovery.

    As for Walker, he too has an addiction; it is called drunk with power.

  2. I’m just curious, so I keep track at home. Nicole checked in at at Franklin but then she checked out. The Court consents to transfer of sentence to Waukesha County. After 5 actual days have been served, she’s out, the Court has no objection to electronic surveillance. So, she gets an actual 5 days with Huber. This is unheard of for 2nd drunk driving. Her address in Madison was 834 JUPITER DR APT 304, MADISON 53718 and she registered to vote there on 4/2/2013. Election Day, at the poles. Now, she lives at S57 W29595 Saylesville Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189. Check it out. Walker must have paid her a ton of Money. Before she worked for asshat Walker, she worked for Rick Scott in Florida. I’m still checking.

  3. Who and what? Wisconsin Domestic Limited Liability Company “BET DEVELOPMENT LLC” with:

    Registered Agent
    WAUKESHA , WI 53189

    Principal Office
    WAUKESHA , WI 53189
    United States of America

    (Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions)

  4. Are you able to post a timeline of the her various Wisconsin voter registrations and elections participated in? Just for the last 5 years. I have some additional information and I would like to cross reference with the above before posting it.

  5. @wakergate

    I only have the one I mentioned for now. But, I am still searching. You are right about this being a GATE of some type. Too many questions about this case and I am curious.

  6. Will be on this again later.

    Her connection to this address is probably some combination of familial, social and political.

    Additional information was found prior to previous posts. Several possible fact patterns which would be very interesting. More info is needed.

    Still interested in 5 years of voting records, right now the focus would seem to be 2010-2012 and that might change depending on additional info found.

    Have not see any details on her first offense, could it be a deferred judgement that came back to bite after her second? When? Where? Who?

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