Charlie Sykes: no fan of Dave Westlake

Yesterday on Sunday Insight, host Charlie Sykes and his panel discussed the 2010 U.S. Senate election here in Wisconsin, a race that thus far is shaping up to be Sen. Feingold versus Republican challenger Dave Westlake. During the segment, Sykes opined that Senator Russ Feingold will get a “free ride” in the 2010 unless a big-name Republican such as Mark Neumann gets into the Senate race, leaving me to believe Charlie Sykes is no fan of Dave Westlake.

Without Milwaukee’s conservative talkers squarely in his corner, does Dave Westlake really have a chance in 2010? I say no, but then again, I didn’t think Dave Westlake had much of a chance of beating Sen. Feingold before the Sykes kiss of death.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed a clip of the discussion, but feel free to go watch for yourself (the Senate discussion starts at 13:25).


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4 thoughts on “Charlie Sykes: no fan of Dave Westlake

  1. Doesn’t Neumann have a gig lined up for this Winter? I heard he was running for something-or-other already.

  2. grumps, it’s all wishful thinking on Sykes’ part. He’s hoping Neumann will run for Senate, clearing the path for Scott Walker. It actually makes me wonder if Sykes has doubts that Walker can actually win the Republican nomination.

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