Where was Walker really born?

According to Scott Walker’s website, Walker was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and didn’t move to Wisconsin until 1977.

What I’m wondering, thanks to Harris Kane, is whether or not Walker was really born in Colorado. After all, there’s no way of knowing Walker was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, because he hasn’t yet released his birth certificate for public viewing. For all anyone knows, Walker could have been born in Des Moines, Iowa, Paris, France, or Timbuktu for that matter, so why hasn’t Walker produced his birth certificate?

H/T to Harris Kane of heartland hollar.


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7 thoughts on “Where was Walker really born?

  1. Ok, so Jim Doyle was supposedly born in Washington DC, so where is his birth certificate?
    The only office this issue is relevant is for President, where the Constitution is clear on who can hold that office. According to the Wisconsin State Constitution, Article 5, Section 2:

    No person except a citizen of the United States and a qualified elector of the state shall be eligible to the office of governor or lieutenant governor.

    So it looks like any citizen of this great land can be governor of Wisconsin.

  2. Zack are you A idiot, I now your one of those birthers are’nt you.Kooky left wing loon, sucking the koolaid again.Your mother should of told you that stuff is bad for you.

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