Namecalling in politics

You can read it here.

Let’s see now. I  called other people ‘yellow bellies’ when I was nine years old or whenever I watched John Wayne and I got caught up in that restrained testosterone-dripping inflection of his. How then do we explain this over at Polk Country Republicans?

Career politician Rep. David “Yellowbelly” Obey lacks courage to face constituents, holding “teleconference” townhall.

Yellow belly? Are they using that langage because they are nine year olds themselves or because they think citizens of both parties are like nine year olds?

Do they know any other names to taunt Congressman Obey? (You betcha! As some would say.) 

“Courageous Dave” is afraid to be a man and talk to you face to face. He’s a Socialist, let’s be real clear on that. He is basically ignoring what you, the public want, and will push the socialist agenda of Barack Obama. He is disrespecting you, spitting on you and flipping you the canary. He’s not listening to you, nor will he.”

This is an  excellent example of why we need public education reform. The author has no understanding of what a Socialist is. Of course, he could look it up; but that would require some effort and would likely confuse him if it did not mean what he thinks it means. And anyway, he may truly be nine years old and he may be suffering  from  ‘No Child Left Behind’ Syndrome.

I guess I should be pleased that he did not call President Obama an islamofascistcommunistic usurper like some others. Yeah, maybe I am being too hard on him. I should be more understanding and possibly more mentoring in my demeanor.

So in reply to the Polk County Republicans, I say: “Sticks and stones may break his bones but names will never hurt him.”  {:oÞ}


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