Rep. Moore to hold health care forum

From my emailbox:

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) will Tuesday hold an informational session to hear from her constituents on the proposed health care reform legislation that the House of Representatives will likely consider in September.

A representative from the University of Wisconsin is expected to be on hand to give a non-partisan, informational presentation on the bill’s specifics.

Congresswoman Moore will also answer questions that constituents have submitted online on health care reform. Those who plan to attend need to submit their questions online prior to the event. Please e-mail your questions to

WHO: Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wisc.
WHAT: Informational session on health care reform
WHEN: Tuesday, August 11, 2009
4-6 p.m., CST
WHERE: North Division High School
10th and Center
Milwaukee, WI

I’ll be there, and I hope to see a few of you there as well!


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27 thoughts on “Rep. Moore to hold health care forum

  1. Do you really believe anything will get accomplished?? I predict it will turn out to be a yelling mob scene like all the other meetings of late. Who would even want to go…especially now that people are even talking about getting violent?

  2. Do you want to see me there? Or because I disagree with Rep. Moore’s stance will I be labeled and denounced?

    1. forgot, debate is what makes our democracy great. I want to see anyone who’s interested in health care reform show up on Tuesday.

  3. But in posting this, aren’t you now making it an organized demonstration? You and your mob 🙂

      1. For the most part, I’m just being snotty. I honestly & truly hope the session you go to has a good, interactive discussion and everyone is respectful – that all voices can be heard and considered.

        I’ve just been really put off by the characterizations of “mobs” and dissenters taking their marching orders from lobbyists. You posting the notification to your readers was about the same level of “organization” involved in bringing many of the people to the sessions.

  4. Locke…what would you call a bunch of angry people who are shouting people down and acting in a threatening manner to the point the police have to be on stand-by? Sorry if you’re “put off” by the description but I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

    1. I’d call it democracy.

      I’ve said it in another thread – I think people just screaming is uncalled for and the wrong way to handle yourself. It’s very clear many/most of the pols running these “listening sessions” and inviting people to attend had no intention of whatsoever of doing any real listening.

      Anon – Am I correct in assuming that you were speaking out against the people screaming and yelling in protest of…well everything Bush did? How about the WTO protesters? Or is your view of the people and methods entirely dependent on whether you agree with the issue?

  5. Zack do you really think she can answer any questions? I’ll bet she did’nt read the bill.

  6. Locke…you would be correct in your assumption that I disagree with anyone or any side that shouts people down and acts in a threatening manner. What would get accomplished if we all just keep shouting at each other??? Besides…it just makes those doing the shouting look like maniacs…IMO. Why would anyone want to make these politicians look sympathetic??

  7. I think people have the wrong expectations about these meetings. There is no discussion. There is a speech that describes the topic and current status; and then there is everybody’s feelings about it. Please do not expect debate nor reasoned discussion.

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”- Thomas Jefferson

    After 8 years of fearing our government, the tables will be turned by 2010. Unfortunately, the timing sucks for those of us who want to see national healthcare.

    1. Which path of his do you follow? See, I try to follow in his path, and that’s why I want to see more done to help those in our society who need a hand up. After all, helping those in need is the christian thing to do.

  8. The Rushpublican corporate-owned “astroturfers” will be there in force to protect the bonus pool over at United Healthcare. Their stupidity is appalling, and they’ve now gone well past what the Founders meant by freedom of speech. It’s time to throw a few of them in jail, before someone winds up hurt-or worse.

    1. There’s already been a brawl at at least one of the heath care town halls held by a Representative, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more.

  9. More people will get hurt when the boys from the unions get off the bus. Obama said hit them twice as hard. And thats what they will do. Now who is acting stupidly. Tomorrow we’ll get A recalibration. Really america Im not A thug from chicago.

  10. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”. er, late evening.

    I said in a post comment the other day that both sides are entrenched and that it was the spring of 1861.Actually, I am torn between two decades of popular unrest, the 1860s and the 1960s. Both decades involved the imposition of federal authority into the beliefs of half this nation.

    The American dissension over universal healthcare may not end well.

    The private discussions I have with conservatives are that they are fed up, fueled up, and firing on all cylinders to prevent healthcare (i.e.,socialism).
    Common people are tired of the *stuff* they hear and they want it to stop. They are tinder waiting for spark.

    The conversation among liberals is that this is the moment for national healthcare and it must be pursued and pressed into place. D*mn the Republican torpedoes, full speeed ahead!

    The US Senate stands between a well-intentioned but flawed national healthcare bill and street violence. We are at a historical nexus. The next five weeks are significant to measure the resolution of both sides. This is the time for the Great Mediator to rise up and speak. If he fails, there will be trouble enough for everyone.

    1. Except that if the Democrats choose to, there is not a single thing the Republicans or anyone who opposes it can do to stop it.

      1. And then the reaction really begins. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. I think it has some applicability in politics in addition to physics. Let’s face it, this reform is unpopular, Obama is running Bush like numbers (39& approval) on health care. Polls show that 77 percent are either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their own health care, and 63 percent are “very” or “somewhat” concerned that government medicine will make their own health care worse. But if the Dems Rahm this through, without bipartisan support we will see a massive reaction to the right. It seems that everyone who gets elected misinterprets their mandate and it serves only to shift power to the other wing.

        At some point, I would hope we stabilize in the middle or we are due for a massive swings, which will be scary.

        “This is the time for the Great Mediator to rise up and speak. If he fails, there will be trouble enough for everyone.”

        Is there enough beer for everyone?

        1. There is enough beer for Wisconsin and that counts for something.

          You wrote: “It seems that everyone who gets elected misinterprets their mandate and it serves only to shift power to the other wing.”

          This is an important observation because I think that the recent purpose of the two parties is to collect enough voters to permit them to pursue a hidden agenda. That agenda is to increase their wealth and/or power and to make their market hold unbreakable. AG policy, Defense Policy, Financial Services Policy, Commerce Policy. It appears to me that all of these use the force of law to reduce/control new competitors or to increase the tide to float all boats.

          Perhaps that is too general a statement but I sense that our laws are used as a control of opportunity as well as for regulation for the common good. Sometimes I also think that we have adopted the Japanese model of the fusion of government investment and business to expand our commerce and GNP.

          Bringing all of these thoughts home: I want national healthcare but I don’t want forced insurance. Adding 48 million insurance contracts floats a lot of boats in my opinion. I am perplexed in that I think of insurance sales types as Republican and conservative. I think of those who own insurance stock portfolios as Republican and conservative. The Obama Plan is a windfall for insurance companies, it floats the boat of every medical organization, and it places the overal health of the nation in the hands of politicians who will want to increase healthcare every time an election rolls around.

          And yet, we have this fearmongering that Republican-controlled government will force poor healthcare on everyone just like a Democratic-controlled government. This makes no sense to me.

          I think the backlash against a federal mandate to change is very real and will grow rapidly in the next few weeks. It will become ‘scary’ as you say.

    1. Police & fire protection provided by municipalities = socialism, but I don’t hear conservatives complaining about those services being socialized.

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