Republican Senator holds up TSA chief nomination, endangers national security

So much for the Republican Party being the party most concerned about keeping America safe:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) blasted Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) on Sunday for delaying the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration due to concerns about unionizing the TSA.

“This is the right guy for the job,” McCaskill said. “With all due respect, this is nuts holding him up over whether or not somebody’s going to be able to bargain for a better benefit.”

DeMint expressed worries that the nominee, Errol Southers, would push for collective bargaining, saying such a move would “bring the security concerns of TSA under the authority of union bosses.”

He also said, “the president has demonstrated some problems with the vetting process with other nominees.”

McCaskill shot back: “Playing games with the process – all it’s doing is hurting the traveling public because the most important front-line agency to protect Americans right now on flights is being held up over political stuff.”

I can certainly understand Sen. DeMint’s anti-union stance, considering it’s the stance of most rank and file Republicans, but it seems to me that holding up the confirmation of the individual who will lead the Transportation Safety Administration is a terrible decision. After all, the safety of our nation shouldn’t be held hostage by a politician looking to score cheap political points with his base.


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1 thought on “Republican Senator holds up TSA chief nomination, endangers national security

  1. So then it would be fair to say President Obama endangered national security by leaving the TSA chief position vacant for over EIGHT MONTHS before nominating anyone.

    Why do you put all the blame at the feet of Republicans when they question the nominee when he is finally put before them? If the President valued the safety of the nation, as you say, he should have selected someone on Day One.

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