Take the Walker Walkaround!

In case you haven’t heard, the Milwaukee County Courthouse is falling apart, and in order to avoid a direct hit on a pedestrian by a falling piece of the courthouse, officials are building a series of covered scaffolds around most of the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The scaffolding started being put up on March 4, after a volleyball-size chunk of limestone from a decorative cornice came loose and fell 120 feet to the sidewalk on the west side of the courthouse. Thankfully, no one was hurt by the falling piece of the courthouse.

As James Rowen notes, the scaffolding surrounding the courthouse should be referred to as the “Walker Walkaround”, given Scott Walker’s role as Milwaukee County Executive in deferring maintenance on the courthouse – not to mention other county facilities.

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5 thoughts on “Take the Walker Walkaround!

      1. I’m starting to think that Walker and Barret have a conspiracy to get Neuman elected.

      2. Eh, I’m not a fan of the finger pointing regarding the Zoo interchange, but Mark Neumann really doesn’t have a chance, unless he empties his personal coffers. However, even if he’s able to spend enough to beat Scott Walker, I have a hard time believing he can beat Barrett.

      3. If you ask me “Barrett Bypass” is a catchy name. It doesn’t sound bad at all.

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