Not Sure what Tate does

We saw recently that if not for a late entry by John Heckenlively, paul ryan would of run unopposed. This was such a mess that, as far as I can tell, Heckenlively does not even have a website up and running yet. Its hard to beat the free spending darling of the insurance companies and wall st, without a serious campaign.

Now that the state races are out and we have a good idea of who is running for state wide offices. There is a glaring omission. No one on the democratic side is running for seat in the 31st assembly. crazy steve nass, while having some competition in the primary, will be allowed to skate to re-election. Unfortunately for the state of Wisconsin, the anti-education, big hand of government, crazy steve nass runs unopposed!

What was Mike Tate’s platform to win? Did he have an agenda? Besides sending out well written press releases pointing out the foibles of the republican party, what is his job? Has he studied Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy? Where you put people up on the ballots and let the people have an actual choice.

In an anti incumbency election year, the democrats gave a free pass to two of the longest tenured, right wing politicians in the state who long ago stopped representing the people of their district.


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17 thoughts on “Not Sure what Tate does

  1. Yes, Democrats are paying Tate to put his name on press releases which Graeme Zielinski actually writes.

    Wait until the fundraising numbers come out… I bet you’ll find he isn’t raising money either.

  2. Publius – Then Graeme Zielinski is a very good writer because many of their responses to the republican party press releases are very well done.

    Me either zach, but I would rather have him than Priebus…I just want him to have better priorities!

  3. Sure, the press releases are punchy, I’ll cede that. However, the DPW has become nothing more than a party of press releases. For cranking out 3-4 per day, they get surprisingly little earned media. For that, Tate should be held responsible by the people who pay his salary (and why does the Chairman of the DPW get paid, anyway?).

    The fact of the matter is that Tate lacks the maturity and know-how to lead the DPW. He has convinced himself that everyone who votes reads WisPolitics or The Wheeler Report. Outside of those two outlets, John Q. Voter has no idea what the Dems are up to.

    If the only qualification is to lead the party by writing press releases, then Graeme Zielinski should be your Chairman. At least Linda Honald and Joe Wineke understood (understand) the many facets of being Chair – they could raise money, they raised awareness of the Party, and built coalitions. They were insiders that Democrats across the state looked to for leadership. How many calls do you think Tate gets a day from his county chairs? From legislators? Heck, the Waukesha County Dem Chairman gets more earned media than Team Tate.

    1. I like that the DPW’s press releases are “punchy,” because for too long Democrats haven’t been able or willing to hit back against Republican attacks.

      I don’t know that Mike Tate lacks the maturity and know-how to lead the DPW; I just think there’s been a general lack of consistency from the DPW, case in point being their support for some Democratic primary challengers but not for others, as well as the party’s attacks against Scott Walker’s coronation as the Republican Party’s preferred gubernatorial nominee while essentially choosing Julie Lassa as the Democratic candidate to replace Rep. Dave Obey.

      1. Even though it appears it was more national party then state, I was not ver yexcited to be told that Tom Barrett would be the candidate for Governor. I would of liked to have seen a primary personally. I also think the primary needs to be moved up to the beginning of summer(but thats another blog).

        1. I disagree. I think Tom Barrett is a heck of a candidate for the Democrats, and I can’t think of a single Democrat who would have been a stronger candidate.

          Also, there is a Democratic primary; Tim John also made the ballot for the Democrats.

          1. OK I will admit it, I am still bitter how Barbra Lawton was treated. I would of liked to have seen her run. As for Barrett I am still undecided.

            By undecided I mean, I have decided that he is leaps and bounds better than scott walker, but I have not decided how enthusiastically I will support him.

        2. Proud We agree on this. I would like to see the Primary moved up to June or even late May. That’d give the finalists lots of time to go head to head. But You should lot’s of years to hate Scott Walker. Barretts a RINO (Running in Name Only). He doesn’t really want the job, and would be happier as Mayor for Life in Milwaukee.

  4. When this was posted, July 17, we were not certain we would be on the ballot. We started the campaign on July 10, and managed to collect 1100 signatures in only three days.

    The website is now up and running. Check it out.

    1. John,

      I am not Paul Ryans biggest fan, I think he has devastated his district, and to get 1100 signatures in three days shows that I am not alone.

      What I was referring too, was the fact that whoever runs against ryan really needs to have a two year campaign and be funded to beat him.

      I hope you prove me wrong.

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