A few thoughts on the Plale/Larson debate

State Senator Jeff Plale and his opponent in the Democratic primary, Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, had a debate last night. I’ve got a lot of thoughts to share about the debate, but not nearly enough time to get them all gussied up, so here’s just a few quick thoughts:

  • There was no clear winner from last night’s debate. Sen. Plale did a good job of highlighting his accomplishments during his time as State Senator for the 7th District, while Larson did an equally good job of making the case for why voters should send him to the State Senate.
  • At the end of the debate, audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates, and when asked whether they supported paid sick leave – including paid sick leave for victims of domestic violence, Sen. Plale didn’t directly answer the question. While both candidates agreed that the issue of paid sick leave needs to be addressed on the state level to avoid a hodgepodge of different standards in different municipalities, Sen. Plale never actually provided an answer as to whether he supported paid sick leave or not.
  • Larson also took more than a few shots at Sen. Plale for taking a majority of his campaign contributions from special interests and individuals outside the district and who are associated with corporate special interests.

I’ll have a more complete analysis of the Plale/Larson debate tomorrow morning.


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