the get me elected charity….

A Republican state senator and baseball team owner acknowledged Wednesday that a charity controlled by his family had improperly used payments from groups that employ lobbyists to benefit himself and the team.

Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), who is seeking to challenge U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), said Wednesday that he had made a good-faith effort to follow the law and that he would repay more than $16,000 to the nonprofit foundation

So a “lawmaker” had a hard time following the “laws” and now wants a promotion?

Some stuff you cant make up. Why dont we see if everyone currently in prison would like to say they were sorry and reimburse what they took and then we could let them all out “in good faith”

rest of the story here.

I personally think this should eliminate him, but politicians have a hard time ever accepting responsibility.


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5 thoughts on “the get me elected charity….

    1. Ray, the Tom Barrett I’m familiar with – the current mayor of Milwaukee – sat on the MMSD board and got the Deep Tunnel Project done, which reduced overflow discharges by a factor of 20(!).

      There must be another Tom Barrett around somewhere…either that, or you’re grossly misinformed.

      1. You’re right, problem solved. No untreated sewage was dumped into the lake. And there certainly wasn’t any sewage that backed up into people’s houses. The deep tunnel has solved the problem completely.

      2. Sergei you must be joking. When Barrett was running for the job of mayor, here’s the ad he ran against Mayor Pratt for not acting on the dumping of partially-treated sewage. “It’s time to clean up our water…”

        It was an attack on Pratt’s first 60 days in office. That was 2004. Six years later, under Barrett as mayor, 8 billion gallons have been dumped into the lake. That’s something like 40 Gulf oil spills. Whoops.

  1. I dont live in milwaukee and have not studied this issue enough to comment on it. The ORIGINAL point of the post is we basically have a criminal running for congress and no one seems to be commenting on that. Before you all attack me, I know he is sorry.

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