Congratulations to Scott Walker!

For the second (third?) time this year, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker (or a member of his campaign’s inner circle) has made Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Persons in the World.” Walker made Olbermann’s list thanks to his 68-page jobs plan, which just so happens to have been written in 58 point font:

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10 thoughts on “Congratulations to Scott Walker!

  1. Even if it was him and his campaigning just being facetious, it’s still extremely disrespectful of him to take the loss of jobs so lightly when he’s on the campaign trail. :/

    1. that fact it garnered national attention helps indicate how absurd the Walker campaign had become.

  2. ray- Only people that matter. And since we have things to do in our lives, we check out Keith online, and therefore don’t show up in ratings. 😛

    The lack of Walker and co.’s seriousness is the true outrage, and the big reason Walker is heading down the tubes. The average maturity level of him and the hacks working for him seems to be about 9th grade.

  3. I didn’t comment on this earlier because I just didn’t know what to say.

    Walker’s campaign has really been awful all along. Perplexing from somebody who started running 2 years ago. But the latest thing with that jobs plan document is just bizarre. When I first saw it (and that it was deep linked) I figured it was maybe a messed up draft or perhaps it was the prompter text that got accidentally put out there. But later I found it actually linked to, and presented as a jobs plan from their own site.

    Just freaking bizarre.

    Apparently they’re trying to be cute by being one page longer than Barrett’s. The joke failed and I agree it’s hackish and sophomoric.

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