Something I found amusing today…

Apparently my State Senator, Jeff Plale, has banned me from being able to see his re-election page on Facebook.

I suppose I’m not really surprised, given that I’ve been a rather harsh critic of Sen. Plale, but I never figured he and his staff would stoop to banning me on Facebook.


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16 thoughts on “Something I found amusing today…

    1. Well, I have been pretty harsh towards him, so I suppose I can see why he’d do it, but seriously, shouldn’t he have a thicker skin?

  1. i have been banned from a few peoples face book page…like rick richard, scooter jensen, Rebecca Kleefisch, most politicians cant handle any opposition.

  2. yay! this means you’re awesome in every way. If you have annoyed a guy on your own “side” that much then you are not a empty-headed spokesmodel and that is SO rare.

  3. U know, maybe there is some way to use that as personal publicity – in your sidebar, some kind of sig. a list of people who have blocked you. Or just him, so he looks like a fool.
    BTW “Idiot of the Week” will be good to resurrect. I will have to do my Fucktard of the Month again too – but at the end of each month. and it has to be not the obvious. Like this month the Koran-burner guy, waaaaay too obvious.

    Congrats again on being a Facebook Viking, raping and pillaging at will.

  4. Hey guys. While you have been banned by politicians, I have had members of my own family “unsubscribe” and “unfriend” me since the campaign started. I hope that Thanksgiving dinners are peaceful. We can smile anyway because those are free.

  5. Today the robo calls in the Plale/Larson campaign have ended…it seems…but I have gotten three calls from actual people…one from the Plale campaign and one each from the third party outfits…

      1. We’ve actually gotten 9 calls for Kagan. It’s a “survey” with only one question. “Will you support Congressman Kagan for re-election.”

        I’m trying to understand the intelligence of repeatedly pestering people – like I said, 9 calls the last few weeks that either my wife or I have answered. Now I just don’t care for the guy & his classless lies/big talk after being elected pretty well exemplified his character. But say I was on the fence. Wouldn’t you think that repeatedly calling people you’re hoping will vote for you – with obnoxious push polls would be…counter productive at best, but really just really stupid?

        1. Yeah, I’m thankful I’ve not been subjected to that kind of constant barrage of phone calls. I’ve gotten one or two calls from legitimate pollsters on my cell phone, but nothing like what you’re describing.

          As you noted, that kind of repeated pestering will likely have the opposite of the intended effect.

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