Finally a Fest worth attending

With the lunacy of the Glenn Beck for profit rallies, or the \"tea parties\" The latest in Racine has Paul Ryan (R-Wall St) talking to a “grassroots” rally. Wall st’s favorite son, trying to explain that the people in his district had to lose their jobs for the greater good.

Once a year a stream of sanity flows into Baraboo at the local fair grounds! Fighting Bob Fest where crowds well over 10,000 take over the fairgrounds and discuss ACTUAL ways to “take our country back”. I am sure that the few hundred people or so that will attend the corporatist ryans speech will dominate the news coverage over the rally modeled after one of the greatest politicians in American History, so the best way to get the information is to attend it yourself! Great Speakers, great food and lots of fun!

Disclosure: i wont be attending this year as I have to work, but I have attended many!

8:30 AM Welcome to Fighting Bob Fest IX
9:00 AM Rep. Tammy Baldwin
9:20 AM Peter Leidy
9:40 AM Mike McCabe
10:00 AM Reverend David Couper
10:20 AM Tom Geoghegan
10:40 AM Rep. Dave Obey
11:10 AM John Bonifaz
11:30 AM Rep. Gwen Moore
11:50 AM Break for Lunch and Workshops
1:30 PM Raging Grannies – presentation of Granny D plaque
1:50 PM Donna Smith
2:10 PM Thom Hartmann
2:30 PM Jim Hightower
2:50 PM Stan Gruszynski
3:20 PM Greg Palast
3:40 PM Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr.: Lifetime Achievement Award: 50 Years of Struggle


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