False Equivalency!

Many of my friends and acquaintances are right wing. During many of our conversations when bring up such crazy things as the Rand Paul Head stomper or crazy Sharon Angle or even looney Glenn Beck, the defense would always be a “yea but…” in the “year of dumb” they would try and equate the craziness on the right with an equal crazy thing on the left. In reality it was impossible, but in their mind it excused what was happening. Friday night Bill Maher summed this false equivalency up perfectly:

Bill Maher took on Jon Stewart on his HBO show Friday night, attacking him for claiming during his Rally to Restore Sanity that there are extremists on both the Right and the Left. Liberals are not as “violent and cruel” as Right-wingers, Maher said, adding that a “big mistake of modern media” was the idea of “balance for balance’s sake.” Stewart’s parallels between Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck were particularly egregious, said Maher, when “one reports facts, the other one is very close to playing with his poop.”


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1 thought on “False Equivalency!

  1. I just love it when that radical left try to make an issue out of free thinking conservatives and then act like they don’t have any out of balance liberals. The list of hateful progressives, dishonest progressives and just mentally ill progressives is almost never ending.

    Just on MSNBC alone you have

    Ed Schultz
    Norah O’Donnell
    Keith Olbermann
    Rachel Maddow
    Chris Matthews

    Then you have Joy Baher and Whoppi Goldberg on The View. Bill Maher is just mentally ill, Mike Moore is disturbed, Danny Glover, David Letterman both are far left extremist.

    This could go on and on but when America sits back and looks at it honestly it is clear that the really extreme viewpoints, the place where racism really lives sits directly in the camp of the progressive world.

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