Maver “ICKY” McCain’s (John & Cindy) on DADT

They’re for it… they’re against it…. the flip floppery of Arizona’s McCain duo is beyond the pale.

We have Senator John McCain who seems to have selective amnesia and/or early senility impacting his staying true to his prior statements and beliefs on the elimination of DADT.  Not long ago he said once the military leadership said DADT should go, he would support doing so.  Today he denies his own prior statements.  Meanwhile his wife courageously starred in an anti-hate video denouncing the government’s treatment of GLBT people as second class citizens, only to denounce her own statements by the end of the week, presumably after prodding and threats from her doddering old husband.

Rachel Maddow brilliantly addresses John McCain’s flip floppery on this issue.

Here’s Cindy McCain being called out for her “brazen” flip flopping by Anderson Cooper.

Meanwhile Jon Stewart rips the McCain’s and let’s the maver “icky” duo know what their legacy will be.  Senator McCain spent all of 30 minutes researching and vetting his Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin but insists on additional years of study and hearings on DADT, a policy that 70% of Americans believe should go.

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