You know it is coming…

Here at Blogging Blue, we have documented numerous times (Here , here , and here among others) the priority of the new republican takeover(hint: its not jobs)!

Then there was this article in the Wisconsin State Journal, where we see many republicans true colors and the debate with in the party between the sane and the insane.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” said Rep. Dean Kaufert, a Republican state House member in Wisconsin, where Republicans, including incoming governor Scott Walker, campaigned on enacting tough immigration legislation and banning embryonic stem cell research. If Republicans overreach, “the danger is the citizens of the state will just say we’ll clean house again and we’re going to keep doing it until we get it right,” he said.

But some conservatives said they won’t wait forever. “We’re not going to spend the next 18 months doing nothing but economic issues,” said Wisconsin Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman, an advocate of tougher abortion restrictions.

The question here is do we really want guys like Glenn Grothman and the Fitzgerald twins focusing on the economy?


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4 thoughts on “You know it is coming…

  1. The question is why would we want them focused on anything except budgets and the economy?
    They can do other things without focus, IMO.

  2. My thought process being, these guys are so insane they might be the only ones capable of making this economy worse.

  3. Why are they insane because they don’t buy into the progressive nanny state lifestyle that progressives are so desperate to force down the throat of Americans. They better focus on the economy because that is the biggest problem they have to deal with but the other issues better not get ignored or they will be removed next time and we will elect conservatives who will do the job America is demanding of them.

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