They unleashed the monster….

at great peril to our country. While I have written extensively on “tea party” since Zach invited me here, all of my writings do not compare to a short read of Christopher Hitchens and his take on the \"tea party\" that was recently in Vanity Fair. He blames the republicnas who used the tea party for victory and in the process unleashed a monster. Shame on them!

huge numbers of white people choose to demonstrate their independence and superiority by putting themselves eagerly at the disposal of a tear-stained semi-literate shock jock, and by repeating his list of lies and defamations. But, of course, there’s nothing racial in their attitude …

As I started by saying, the people who really curl my lip are the ones who willingly accept such supporters for the sake of a Republican victory, and then try to write them off as not all that important, or not all that extreme, or not all that insane in wanting to repeal several amendments to a Constitution that they also think is unalterable because it’s divine!

The whole column is definitely worth a read!!!


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4 thoughts on “They unleashed the monster….

    1. You know in retrospect, it would have been a good thing to tell these people that this would happen, huh? Although, wow what egg on their faces if they didn’t listen huh?

      Good thing nobody was there telling them that would happen!

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