Tea Party Nation???

I personally have expressed many times, the ridiculousness of the “tea parties”. The example that I always used and felt described the “tea party” 2010 election year was George Allen.

George Allen who lost his Senate seat to Jim Webb in 2006, due to his Macaca Moment. He lost because he showed an outright racist moment and was punished for it(although I am still amazed he came as close as he did). In 2010, many “tea party” candidates had their own “macaca moments” here, here, and and here among many others and many were rewarded by the voters. I think Allen’s macaca moment would of propelled him to a huge victory in 2010. Now Allen seems to think that since racism is in, he has a chance to get his senate seat back and is trying again. let’s hope that sanity is restored in the next year and a half and the voters send him into obscurity yet again!

For those who forgot:

Also on a side note offspring of this story, the 2010 election cycle meant that no(or very few) candidates would release their detailed campaign schedule so that the opposition could not follow them around and film them. No candidate wanted to have to defend their words. Again I hope sanity prevails soon, for the sake of our country.


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8 thoughts on “Tea Party Nation???

  1. Why progressives are hypocrites….

    “Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

    If this had been a “tea party” person that had said that they would have been covering the comment non stop but it was not, it was one of their own, so none of them were offended and it is why he got away with it.

    Progressives don’t give a crap about racism they only use it to divide the nation and political gain, progressives are the worse kind of racist.

    1. A comment like that made by a liberal gets you a golden ticket to vice president, yet PP says Allen should not be considered a candidate. I wonder if he can explain his rationale.

  2. ANon, I have repeatedly stressed that I feel there is a difference between pundits/talk show hosts and politicians. I think both should be held up to different standards. If Allen wants to go on fox news and have a show…fine but he should not ever be considered a serious political candidate again.

    1. Only difference being if Allen was a host you would call him a “hate jock” (or whatever term you use) instead.

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