Forbes writer calls Governor Walker a Tool of the Koch Brothers

Rick Unger at Forbes magazine one of the major “mainstream” business publications calls out Governor Scott Walker as a tool of the Koch Brothers in his article “Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Efforts to Kill Public Unions“.   In this must read article, you can see why stubernator Walker has put his foot down on breaking the unions as part of his budget repair bill even when those same unions have agreed to his financial demands – supposedly the reason he’s taking action against them.

It all appears to be payback for his corporate paymasters, the powerful and evil Koch Brothers, who are the kings of the race to the bottom for the American workforce as they continue their pillage of America while filling their own greedy pockets to pay for front groups like the poorly named “American’s for Prosperity”.

According to the article, the Koch Brothers are behind the recently launched website supporting Walker.   I encourage you to go out and see what they have to say about the charlatan in the Governors office.


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7 thoughts on “Forbes writer calls Governor Walker a Tool of the Koch Brothers

  1. At last, it’s all out in the open. Forbes magazine, that notorious bastion of red leaning leftiness, calling it out for what it is.

    Rush Limbaugh says you’re either with the protesters or you’re with America. Correction.

    You’re either with America or you’re with the Koch brothers.

  2. I saw several Koch-themed signs at today’s rally at the Capitol, including “Kochead” (sic), “This is Your Government on Koch” and a sign bearing photos of Walker and the Fitzgeralds, with the caption “Koch-Suckers”.

  3. Good to see you guys and gals pulling out all the stops!

    Have you all collected a fake sick note for next week yet?

  4. Also saw signs saying “FoxNews will lie about this” What is there to lie about? Make sure you grab your tinfoil hat AND your sick note before Monday!

  5. I don’t know if you are aware but most of the country is tired of unions not just the Koch brothers and Scott Walker. I think they’re wonderful people.

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