The real deal….

In the craziness of the last month, there has been so much (good and bad) happening that it is impossible to catch it all. I had caught bits and pieces of this speech, but here is Wisconsin farmer Tony Schultz in its entirety.

One quick note: having grown up on a beef and pork farm, No one who farmed in my whole area would have ever voted republican. That changed in the 80’s when Ronald Reagan declared war on the family farm and put thousands of them out of business, making the way for the era of the factory farm. It is nice to know that there are still Family Farmers left and going strong!!


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3 thoughts on “The real deal….

  1. This is incredible. Of all the luminaries, politicians and celebrities who spoke down in Madison over the last several weeks, it’s a home grown farmer from Athens Wisconsin who gets up to the microphone and absolutely nails it. He ought to run for something.

  2. What a great video…thanks for sharing.

    I will say that you’re right; Tony Schultz should think about running for something.

  3. i think in the next election you are going to see people like Tony Schultz run for office all over WI, as opposed to the recycled corporate dem candidates we are used to being stuck with.

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