1 thought on “Twenty lies told by Gov. Scott Walker

  1. All this rhetoric is great. Now we need to make positive proposals to show the public we are serious about improving Wisconsin.
    Right now Wisconsin can begin to save millions of real money without any expenditures.
    If Wisconsin implements a combined hybrid health care system millions can be saved like Connecticut?

    Wisconsin can improve it’s health & medical care coverage by merging medicaid, and all state and municipal coverage under one administrative money saving roof.
    Connecticut is doing this.
    – They studied and estimated the best approach to achieve these objectives;
    – Emulation of the most logical steps being taken by many other states.
    – Logical steps that do not entail additional tax spending and need little legislation for implementation. – Connecticut’s plan –
    “We’ve estimated that the combination of federal health care reform and SustiNet will save Connecticut taxpayers $226-$277 million per year, starting in 2014, by replacing current state spending on HUSKY, public employee plans and Medicaid with newly-available federal dollars. If SustiNet slows health care cost growth by just one percentage point per year, state budget deficits will fall by $355 million in 2014, with reductions reaching more than $500 million a year, starting in 2019.”
    To learn more about SustiNet, inc transcripts and recordings of the Board’s meetings and briefings, see http://www.ct.gov/SustiNet.
    * Keep in view, Wisconsin has 38% grater population and will save more & much more because we hv to many school dists & tax collecting entities)
    There is a Coffee party get together re this subject @ 6:30, Tuesday(3/8) @ Panera Bread just past Pick’n Save @ the corner of Moorland & West Greenfield. Exit 301 on I94, 1/3 mile south.

    ” Ξ Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane Ξ ”
    . . . Martin Luther King, Jr.

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