Andrew breitbart was in Madison recently, where he uttered his famous line “Go to hell”. Not sure if he wrote that line or had it written for him as it is a little deep for him. Since breitbart is a despicable human being I won’t spend time digging up his history, I will just say that he is very good at what he does. Unfortunately what he does is is prey on working class people who cant defend themselves and do not deserve it. Just so everyone knows, Breitbart has let it be known who he will be preying on next…the teachers. I hope Shirley Sherrod has a big payday in her future.


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3 thoughts on “Despicable

  1. Steve you left out a few things also.

    He also had the help of video editing equipment(because he relied heavily on that), unlimited air time on Fox news without being asked tough questions and also a complete lack of morals and ethics. Without the combination of those three the congressional dems would not of had the chance to defund them.

  2. That’s not in dispute Jeff. Breitbart and O’Keefe are despicable individuals.

    I just wish Obama and the Democrats would stick by their friends and allies when the going gets rough.

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