Common – part 2

We touched on the \"Common Controversy\" yesterday, and called it silly. After re-thinking it a little bit, I think the White House sends a message as to who they invite to visit them and who they associate themselves with. The Bush administration would NEVER do something like that: O wait!

In case you don’t know who National Security Advisor Condi’s “good friend” is, Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema. Nguema is “one of the most brutal, most corrupt and unreconstructed dictators in the world”;

H/T Think Progress!

PS: I want to be clear that I am NOT comparing Common to Teodoro Obiang Nguema at ALL. I still think the “Common story” is the ultimate non-story. I am just pointing out the incredible hypocrisy and fake outrage of the right wing echo chambers and Fox “news”.


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7 thoughts on “Common – part 2

  1. Randy welcome and thanks for that link. I am far from an obama apologist and it disgusts me as much when the Obama’s get their picture taken with a brutal dictator as much as it does condi.

    See I am a progressive who thinks we really need to be the World’s policeman and it disgusts me that people like this are allowed to continue on with our support. Id much rather go after guys like this than 2003 saddam(the 1980’s saddam is a different story). We could start with shutting down the bank and seizing his money there(even he would miss that many millions) but as your link points out that also would not be good for the Bush family.

    I also believe that we need to fund and support the arts. Dont you believe in the “free market” if Common had no talent, you would not have ever heard of him. Although, I am guessing before Fox news blew this non-story up you had never heard of him anyway. If he was not great at what he does he would not be getting a White House invite.

    So moral of the story is the Common story is a non-story pushed by the right wing echo chamber to make sure the red states dont forget that Obama is a black man.

    I would gladly get my kids picture taken with Common, and let them meet him. I would not let my kids get their picture taken or be anywhere near the brutal dictator Nguema.

    PS: Interesting Abramoff connection to brutal dictators also…..who else were his friends?

    1. If you read my comment closely you will note that I did not take a side in the original discussion but simply defended Connie Rice from what I think to be an un-warrented comparrison. One of the best arguments you could make is found here–an overlooked story.

      You may want to read the following which I composed on Friday but did not post until today.

  2. Randy we arent that far off on the common thing.

    However we appear to be far off in the Nguema thing as I am disgusted that they both had their picture taken with him.

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