Paul is NOT one of the Apostles

I wrote recently of the USCCB and Archbishop Listecki standing up for the rights of workers in Wisconsin. While many people(including myself) have had criticisms of the Catholic Church(and rightly so), they are at it again and must be(again) commended this time!

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops raising serious concerns about how the Paul Ryan budget would affect the poor and more vulnerable members of society.

Ryan has proven that any criticism of him results in immediate \"hissy fits\" and will not be allowed! Catholic Bishops being no exception to this rule, Ryan went on the attack. Congressman Ryan( R- Wall St.) fired off a letter to Archbishop Timothy DolanPaul Ryan, being the \"golden boy\" of republican politics, does not talk to minions so he went over the Bishop’s heads to their boss.

Similiar to the way the \"tea party\" has completely misconstrued the Constitution, , paul ryan ( (R-Koch Brothers), has completely misconstrued Catholic Doctrine. Ryan tried to quote Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Centesimus Annus, as well as other documents in the church’s social Magisterium, in order to argue that his budget’s treatment of programs for poor and working families conforms with Catholic social teaching.

Archbishop Dolan replied: yea not so much!

“A singularly significant part of our duty as pastors is to insist that the cries of the poor are heard, and that the much needed reform leading to financial discipline that is recognized by all never adds further burdens on those who are poor and most vulnerable, nor distracts us from our country’s historic consideration of the needs of the world’s most suffering people. The late Blessed Pope John Paul II was clear about this when he said: ‘When there is question of defending the rights of individuals, the defenseless and the poor have a claim to special consideration.’ (Centesimus Annus, 10, citing Rerum Novarum, 37). In any transition that seeks to bring new proposals to current problems in order to build a better future, care must be taken that those currently in need not be left to suffer. I appreciate your assurance that your budget would be attentive to such considerations and would protect those at risk in the processes and programs of such a transition. While appreciating these assurances, our duty as pastors will motivate our close attention to the manner in which they become a reality.“

H/T Amy Sullivan

So now the two good friends, paul and Scott, have both upset the Catholic church. The difference is that, while Scott Walker ignored the church’s request, Ryan decided to fight it and lied to Archbishop Dolan when confronted.


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  1. While this probably deserves its own post, time only allows me to place it here. Wonder what Pop John Paul II thought of Ayn Rand, we know what paul ryan thinks of her.

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