Randy Hopper Stakes out Moral High Ground

Senator Randy Hopper, who we last saw was living in Madison, has weighed in on the story of the UW-Oshkosh Professor who was charged with asking his students to think. In a story brought to our attention by our own notalib, UWO criminal justice professor Stephen Richards said the following to his students:

“I’m not going to do this in the classroom,” Richards was recorded saying to his class. “But these two students are going to stand outside and if you want to, sign their clipboard.”

The nerve of a professor bringing up current events and the damming line of evidence “if you want to“.

“Quite frankly, nothing short of this professor resigning will be adequate for the students and the parents of UW-Oshkosh,” Senator Randy Hopper(R-Madison) said.

We will have to find out if Randy Hopper is upset because he is currently dating anyone who is taking Professor Richards class or if he found out another way. It is interesting though, that he has staked out the moral high ground and demanding the resignation of Professor Richards for asking his students to make up their own mind on an important current event of the day!

The republican attack on education continues!


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