Blogging Blue’s 2011 LIVE recall election coverage

Welcome to Blogging Blue’s collaborative coverage of the historic 2011 recall elections!

Below you’ll see a CoverItLive module that will feed reports into our various sites from all of our blogs. Collaboratively we’ll be monitoring mainstream media, twitter (#wirecall and #wiunion), facebook, and other recall day information that may be floating around the intertubes.


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9 thoughts on “Blogging Blue’s 2011 LIVE recall election coverage

  1. In spain they take the main square, in London they smash stuff up, in France they shut down everything and in Madison we sing. People need to get over being so damn nice and stop letting goverment walk all over them and abolish civil rights. If you are not willing to fight, blood sweat and bullets you will get just what the Koch brothers want for you. Time to find some bricks and…

  2. I think that this WI election is showing momentum shifting back towards the Democrats. Even if they lose it’s showing that the Tea Party and the Republicans are losing support. But feel free to disagree with me. 🙂

    POLL: Will the election results in the Wisconsin recalls be a national indicator for 2012?

  3. I think the exact opposite. The Democrats and their allies threw EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink into these recall races and won exactly two…one in a swing district and another with a weak candidate.

    Looking at the other races…60-40, 58-42 and 52-48…in which Republicans won you can’t really call those close unless you are smoking something. Hopper even managed to keep it close at 51-49.

  4. Wow. I would lower myself to your level, but you have gone beyond low. This just shows how classless you are…can’t win, so start slinging garbage.

    Again, stay classy, Jan. I’m sure you make your family proud.

    1. You lowered yourself to being a right-winger. Enough said. Come back and yap nonsense at us when the fog clears from your head.

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