ROJO in Review

Today’ must read comes from The Chief, where he breaks down Ron Johnson's first "ineffectual" year in office. RoJo just spews incompetence and has there ever been a bigger case of Buyer’s Remorse? I recommend you check it out, here are a couple highlights:

* In April, shortly after Rep. Paul Ryan released his controversial budget plan, a plan that was so toxic that the GOP leadership wouldn’t even touch it, Johnson said it didn’t go far enough.

* In May Johnson voted to continue massive tax breaks for the major oil companies.

* In late June FEC reports revealed that Johnson gave himself a $10 million severance package when he left PACUR, a sum that seemed suspiciously close to the $9 million Johnson spent on his own campaign for Senate. Johnson did not answer questions regarding the matter very convincingly and the only reason the issue hasn’t been a bigger deal is because the FEC is essentially a toothless enforcement agency.


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4 thoughts on “ROJO in Review

  1. Thanks to Ron Johnson, we have no more what’s his name stinkgold ,finkgold, whatever we are so much better off

    1. ray, by what specific measure are we “better off” with Ron Johnson instead of Russ Feingold?

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