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  1. This post is shameful. When you reduce the significance of political candidates to sophomoric humor, you are disrespectful and not funny. This should never have been in the public’s eye. Send things like this to your close friends, if you must.

  2. Wow this is really gross.

    This wasn’t funny with Hilary Clinton with the Republicans doing it, this isn’t funny now.

    1. As with Hilary, the level the backwoods, right-wing idiots will sink to in attacking female politicians is only exceeded by that of some on the open-minded, tolerant, compassionate left.

      Or in simpler parlance – You stay classy, Jeff.

      1. Oh please. Saying it’s only exceeded? Give me a break. Sexism exists on both sides, because the people who control the rhetoric, the speech, and so on are – men.

        Good lord, let’s even go into the issue of Michelle Bachmann, seeing how she was on Newsweek as Queen of Rage ( I had nothing wrong with her picture honestly, it’s just a lot of people of nordic descent when they smile or raise their eyebrows they look ‘strange’ to many. Basically, they come off looking super excited looking. ) yet while Rick Perry gets the note ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ when he is just as batshit if not more so than her. It’s sickening.

  3. I’m Shocked that TPAW is Out…
    After all the “Walking Wiki of Wisconsin Politics” Your Pal
    Kev said TPAW was the Man to Beat…..Guess when you give yourself a nickname like” WWOWP” kinda shows you are full of SH%T !!!

  4. Sorry guys, i respect your opinions but disagree. With such examples as the dean scream( that really wasnt), the perpetual pictures of michellle, etc… I am sick of taking the high road and losing elections.

    Heck show me the right wing blog that denoinced the fred clarke ads.

  5. I’ll just agree with JCG.

    Not cool or funny. As to your comment that you’re sick of taking the high road and losing elections, I want to see as many Democrats win elections as possible, but I KNOW we’re above this kind of thing.

    Would you have posted the same picture if it was Rick Perry instead of Michele Bachmann? I’m betting the answer is a resounding no, and that’s why this picture shouldn’t have been posted.

  6. I promise that if i had just as crazy a pic of any prominent repub, male or female, i would have posted it. This had nothing to do woth her being female, it had to do with her beong insane.

  7. Listen, boys…I’m a woman. Michelle Bachmann has taken a nasty stance toward gay people. Michelle Bachmann is running for president. No one forced her to attempt to devour a giant corn dog in public—where people are more than likely going to be taking pictures of her doing so. Someone did. Considering her and her husband’s views on sex and homosexuality, the photograph is hilarious.

    She’s in the spotlight. She should expect that people are going to take unflattering pictures of her.

    1. “Listen, boys…I’m a woman.” So. “Boys” aren’t the only ones commenting on here.

  8. Let us not forget Anthony Weiner’s stupidity. If you are a public figure and you tweet pics of your junk, you deserve to go down in flames. If you fellas are so outraged at this photo of Bachmann, why weren’t you equally riled by all the penis jokes that evolved from Weiner?

    Jeff, it’s a funny photo. It’s been widely disseminated. Comedians are having a field day with it. If some folks want to get their panties in a twist over it, so be it. I laughed.

      1. Exactly. I don’t respect Weiner at all.

        (Although I hope that scum bag in Indiana who tried to rape that boy gets his just deserts. I have no problem with him being gay, but the fact he tried to assault someone is too far. But it seems no one cares about that and he will keep his seat.)

    1. Jan, if I followed you around 24 hours a day, kept a camera in your face, I can GUARANTEE that I could take some rather unflattering pictures of you…and that’s fair or reasonable?

      And don’t give me “well she is in the public eye” argument. Don’t you think ANYONE deserves some basic respect? What’s next, showing her coming out of the toilet?

      It’s not a funny photo…it was taken by the photographer to degrade Bachmann, nothing more. You can vehemently disagree with her politics, but this goes to juvenille.

      Let me ask, if this were Baldwin at brat fest, would you have the same chuckle? What about Michelle Obama? I heard she wolfs down Taco Bell quite easily.

      1. If I’m a public figure and I’m controversial, I’d expect people to follow me around wanting bad pictures of me. Hollywood celebrities get that treatment all the time.

        Tammy Baldwin and Michelle Obama are not insane, are not homophobes, and aren’t stupid enough to be seen in public eating corn dogs. “I heard she wolfs down Taco Bell quite easily.” Right, Mark. And I bet you hear voices telling you that Rush Limbaugh is a genius, too.

  9. I really can’t stand Jeff. He has no common sense and no integrity. I’m sure he posted this picture because he’s jealous.

  10. Thanks anon for the feedback. What rxactly am i jealous of?

    Mark check all over fox plenty of unfkattering pics of michelle. Ask michael dukakis if unflattering pictures can make a difference in a campaign.

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