And Lori Compas, too!

Earlier today I made the announcement that Kathleen Vinehout will speak to the OconDems (a grassroots group which is not officially affiliated with the Waukesha County Democratic Party, despite its name) and now I’ve gotten word that Lori Compas will speak at the same event. Wonder what she’ll say…

In case you missed it, here’s more info about the OconDems group.

And here, again, are the details for the March 3rd meeting with Lori Compas, Senator Vinehout, and more. If anyone else confirms for March 3rd, I’ll let you know.


Date: Saturday, March 3rd

Time : OconDems meet from 10am-12pm

Location: Oconomowoc Public Library, 200 South Street, Oconomowoc, 53066




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5 thoughts on “And Lori Compas, too!

  1. Of everything that’s happened in the last 12 months in Wisconsin the Lori Compas/RecallFitz story may be the single most relevant and inspiring. And if she decides to run against BigFitz in the recall election progressives all over the state should get involved in her campaign.

    This is a chance to prove that people power can overcome both political parties in this country. She’ll get precious little help from the DPW, given that they won’t believe for a minute she can win.

    But significatly less than 50% of the eligible electorate vote in these kinds of elections. A genuine grassroots, on-the-ground campaign just might pull off an upset victory.

    Lori Compas for State Senate.

  2. Lori Compass is definitely a hero to me & I just don’t see anyone else who could stand a chance of running (& winning) against the vile/evil Sen S. Fitz & it would obviously be very fitting if she won the recall election. She is the ‘Sunlight’ to Fitz’s ‘Vampire’!

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