Dale Kooyenga knows how to use Google, but so do I!

“I literally Googled `stupid Wisconsin laws’ and this one came up as No. 1,” said Republican State Rep. Dale Kooyenga of Brookfield, referencing a Wisconsin law making it illegal for restaurants to serve margarine as a replacement for butter.

It’s worth noting the law was implemented as a way of protecting the state’s dairy industry, which the last time I checked was a pretty big deal here in Wisconsin.

Just like Dale Kooyenga, I know how to use Google, and if you Google the term “stupid Wisconsin governor”, all the hits for at least the first eight pages (if not more) of results for that search term are references to Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Then again, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the search term “stupid Wisconsin governor” returned so many results related to Scott Walker, because Scott Walker is synonymous with stupidity.


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6 thoughts on “Dale Kooyenga knows how to use Google, but so do I!

  1. No since they are trying to legislate the #1 “stupid law” in WI away, maybe they will remain consistent and try and legislate the #1 “stupid governor” away!

  2. I’m highly amused. First, that a rethug knows how to use the intertubes. Secondly, that a rethug knows how to Google. Thirdly, “santorum” is still a filthy word. 🙂

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