Paul Ryan Trilogy

The whole first congressional district has been asking themselves “where is Pauldo”. Paul Ryan (R – Wall St) has been in hiding ever since since he was voted the most UNpopular politician in America, pink slip paulie has not been very accessible.

Similar to rare sighting and video of Bigfoot, we now have some rare sightings of Paul Ryan that we wanted to share with you.

1. Here is Paul Ryan meeting some constituents at the Walworth county fair. Here he is telling them that we have the highest taxation rate in the world for business. Since anyone who pays attention knows this is not true, we ask is Paul Lying or stupid?

2. Here we have a video from Paulie’s pay per question luncheon yesterday. It turns out the right wing cheddarsphere got something right, it was not a $15 to aks him questions, it was $15 to be talked to. Questions were not allowed. The man of the people, America’s accountant, had an ask a question get arrested policy. The “fiscal conservative” from Janesville was not scared to spend taxpayer money on a heavy police presence to make sure that no one would dare challenge the boy king.

Also check the moment of pure class at the end where he tells an unemployed man with no insurance “he hopes he is taking his blood pressure meds”. It is also ironic that pink slip Paulie asked a pastor to say a prayer for the people that got kicked out. Since he will never help them, only God can save them now.

3. A nice video of winter soldiers doing the peoples work!

Protesting Paul Ryan’s Pay-to-View Town Hall from Matt Brusky on Vimeo.

H/t Gnarlytrombone and Dane 101 for the videos.

Dont forget Rob Zerban is running to actually represent the people of Wisconsins First Congressional district.


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9 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Trilogy

  1. A few days before the first video, Ryan sniffed to MacGyver Newz that he has no obligation to speak with “professional protesters.” Doesn’t even have the cajones to call them that to their face.

    1. yes it has been a pet peeve of mine that anyone who disagrees with the republicans are professional protestors or slobs not worthy of being heard. A page right out of the robin vos playbook.

      As I have said before you must bring gifts if you want an audience with Ryan.

  2. “Here we have a video from Paulie’s pay per question luncheon yesterday. ”

    The Congressman didn’t pocket a dime from this event yet you perpetuate a lie.

    By the way did you know Gwyn Moore held a similar event except they charged $17.50 for lunch?

    How many conservatives attacked her for that? Zero.

    You people only have your lies to keep you company.

    1. Fred:
      Nobody said he was doing it to “pocket money.” He was doing it to avoid his constituents. But you have shown your colors – you are an enemy of the working people of this nation.

  3. That the $15 price tag went to the Rotary and not Ryan is a distinction without a difference. It was a pay-per-view event no matter who pocketed the cash. Gwen Moore may have had a meal type meeting which also cost money, but she has plenty of free public events.

    Ryan has hosted none even though they have been filled to capacity as recently as April. What he was looking to avoid was any unflattering videos of people acting like…like teabaggers. The video of that 71 year old man is gonna be around his neck for a very long time.

    Shoulda just had the town hall Paul.

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