VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan cracks a joke at the expense of a 71 year-old man being pushed to ground and handcuffed by police

“I hope he took his blood pressure medication today,” said Republican Rep. Paul Ryan as a 71 year-old man as the man was being pushed to the ground and handcuffed by police officers during Ryan’s recent “pay to play” town hall meeting. The man’s crime? He dared to speak his mind in opposition to Rep. Ryan’s shameful attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Here’s the video:

The fact that Paul Ryan seems to think it’s funny to crack jokes about 71 year-olds who are being arrested for daring to speak out against him at a town hall he charged admission to is simply disgusting, and Paul Ryan should be ashamed of himself.

What a role model Ryan is for his children. “See kids, it’s okay to make jokes about senior citizens as they’re being pushed to the ground and arrested by the police, because it’s funny to make fun of old people!”

Jeff has more on what a scumbag Paul Ryan is.


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52 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan cracks a joke at the expense of a 71 year-old man being pushed to ground and handcuffed by police

  1. Hmmmm. Let’s just hope Representative Paul “Lyin'” Ryan (R – 1313 Mockingbird Lane) took his Seroquel today….and every day.

  2. Ryan’s plan calls for raising the age to collect only on people younger than 55. That guy was a lot older than 55 and would not be affected by the plan at all. The US government goes into debt 1.6 trillion dollars per year. They plan on doing so for at least the next 10 years. Raising taxes on the rich might generate a few hundred billion per year. Ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might save 170 billion per year. That still leaves us with an annual deficit of 1.1 trillion dollars. I can’t go on for ever folks.

    1. Got Fox? Or are you a millionaire or billionaire, commonly referred to by Fox News as “Job Creators”? Or just ignorant? To defend Paul Ryan, probably all of the above.

    2. I understand the gentleman’s angst as Ryan blames our financial problem on “entitlement” programs. This term is used inappropriately regarding Medicare and Social Security and suggests these politicos will cut these programs in order to save their own insurance benefits and retirement. These older citizens paid for their social security and contribute to medicare, unlike medicaid and food stamp recipients.

    3. People like Ryan start taking from seniors and when he is finished there won’t be any seniors left in the U.S.A.

    4. Hey Dondre, you sound like a selfish old fart. I’ve been paying taxes for 25 years, too, and I don’t think it is legitimate for the government to welsh on the insurance program I have paid so much into already just so they can keep taxes on the rich absurdly low. If you are so into austerity, why don’t you want Ryan’s plan to apply immediately, for you and you cohort as well? Oh, right, because the baby boomers are the most selfish, arrogant generation the world has ever known. Don’t forget that my generation will have to wipe your a**es as you get older, and if you want us to treat you well you’d better get your heads out of there.

      Oh, and BTW, most medicare and food stamp recipients work low-wage jobs and pay a huge chunk of their income in PAYROLL TAXES, something the right wing ignores entirely.

      1. As for these low wage earners who pay into payroll taxes. If you have a kid or more you get that back every spring in EARNED INCOME CREDIT!

      2. You are so typical of the selfish entitled brats that some baby boomers created in an attempt to give you things we couldn’t have. Our parents worked hard, scraped, didn’t sit and moan and groan like your spoiled rotten generation. We worked from very young ages doing jobs you brats wouldn’t dream of doing today. Your generation doesn’t have to worry about wiping anything you selfish son of a bitch.

  3. Check out the little video in this story in which the chair of the Republican party is talking about how “accessible” Ryan is. He states that Paul Ryan has office hours, even though no one who has tried to see him has been able to find him in his office, and also talks about how Ryan has town meetings, but the last we knew people were charged $15 a head to join in. What a loser!

  4. Wouldn’t be great if Ryan protesters could round up a whole lot of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile whistles with which to greet U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan:

    U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan: A Wienermobile Driver’s Roadmap for America

    Maybe it was Ryan’s brief stint with his hands gripped tightly at “10 and 2 o’clock” of the OM Wienermobile steering wheel that served as the genesis of his own Wisconsin 1st congressional house district mobile office (also fabricated on the back of a truck frame) and even Ryan’s “Road Map For America’s Future”…and Ryan did not even need to compete within the “Free Market” to obtain employment as a Wienermobile driver — a once competitive intern job coveted by college students — as he had a relative working for Oscar Mayer.

    And Ryan’s own account to his driving the Wienermobile (perhaps his first and only private sector work experience of any independently verifiable length of time) after his working as a congressional student intern does not match up with the standard one year Wienermobile driver tour of duty:

    (OM weinermobile whistle demonstrated; drivers mention one year Wienermobile “tour of duty”):
    The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

  5. Oh please. The lunatic left couldn’t keep their mouths shut during a debate and yet again, caused a disturbance. If you think these idiots are crazy now, wait until the slaughter in the 2012 election! It’ll make the shellacking of November 2010 seem like nothing in comparison!!!!!

    1. You’re a self-serving, tunnel-visioned rightwing partisan hack, Paz.

      August of 2009, Paz. Exactly WHO was it that “couldn’t keep their mouths shut during a debate and yet again, caused a disturbance”?

      The answer isn’t “[t]he lunatic left”, is it?

      The answer is “mindless Koch Brothers and Dick Armey/Freedom Works dupes protesting President Obama’s health care plan.”

      Just crawl back underneath Wingnut Rock, huh?

  6. Dondre, there still is no excuse for humiliating a 71 year old man, then joking about it. Nope, not even if you agree with Ryan’s junior high economics.

  7. Paul Ryan went to college on monthly (tax free) SS checks his mother got after his dad died! Now he wants to change SS. I think the politicians should start with cutting their taxpayer subsidized health care and retirement plan. They can retire early with full benefits! You never hear them talk about cutting that! Anyone married making over 32 grand pays taxes again on SS. It’s time to tax SS for everyone, no matter how rich you are! That would solve the problem, but the “Paul Ryan’s” don’t want to tax the rich, because they’re lining their back pockets. Paul Ryan married money and he and his wife are leasing land to the big oil companies in Texas. He never brings that subject up! That’s why he voted down the bill to tax big oil!

    1. Ryan’s unofficial stance (and that of nearly every other Republican in office or seeking office) is “I got mine, f*** all y’all.”

  8. Ryan didn’t do anything. That 71 yo man humiliated himself all by his self. Carrying on and acting like a fool, screaming about his medicare and medicaid being taken away when HIS benefits wouldn’t even be touched by Ryan’s proposed plans. Nor would anybody else’s benefits who are over the age of 55.

    Typical moonbat behavior.

    1. Yo, Boba Fet.

      Where were you in August of 2009 when the “moonbats”, as you apparently like to call them, were really out in force?!

      Dude, you’re nothing more than another tunnel-visioned rightwing apologist, hypocrite and partisan hack.

      Footnote: Watch the video, Boba Fet, and take note of the fact that not a single one of the mindless Koch Brothers and Dick Armey/Freedom Works dupes protesting President Obama’s health care plan was brutalized for yelling, screaming, shouting out the views foisted upon them by their puppetmasters, and disrupting the townhall meetings at which they appeared.

    2. This is how Fascists act, Boba. Where is his guaranteed free speech? As Zuma pointed out, when the shoe was on the other foot, none of those (bussed in and paid for) disruptors were removed–and certainly not wrestled to the ground.

      You’re all bullies. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that we stop at words. You clearly endorse force and violence if you’re losing the argument.

  9. Dondre,

    Have you, ( or Paul Ryan) got any idea how much we’d save if Medicare could purchase prescription drugs in bulk, like the VA does? How about if we close some of the several hundred military bases we maintain around the world? How about if we close off-shore corporate tax havens?

    I can’t go on forever Dondre.

  10. Paul Ryan was right. We can’t afford to NOT reform the FDR Ponzi scheme. There’s only 2-3 people working for every Social Security recipient today; in 1950, it was 16 per retiree.

    The old guy got worked up for nothing. Hope he did take his meds.

    And hope he’s not stuck in Cellblock 7 with Jamal; that would definitely not make his day.

    1. Always “nice” when a wingnut dredges up a little racism to complement the heartlessness which typically grips the cold, dark, Randian wingnut heart.

      Disheartening. Truly disheartening.

      Next time, at least try to get your facts straight, “[should be]sed8d”.

      AND, maybe take some meds. You know, to take the “edge” off.

    2. In 1950 Social Security was only 15 years old. That’s why there were more workers. With that math and dishonesty of yours, you could be VP!

    3. That was a very prejudice remark. See how representatives of Romney & Ryan think. How can America ever move forward.

  11. Did you folks actually WATCH this video? It WAS NOT a “Town Hall” event. It was a Rotary luncheon. The $15 was for LUNCH. The people disrupting the event were Democrat plants. Ryan didn’t throw anybody out. Rotary members did. The Rotary Club had every right to throw these people out of THEIR event. The Rotary came to hear Ryan speak, not to listen to loudmouths who disagree with him. Rea…ding your comments is like watching Katie Couric for “the news”. She just makes up crap to suit herself, too. Liberals do a disservice to themselves when they lie about stuff like this. Watch the damn video and then answer this question! Is the title of this post, “Paul Ryan Has Five People Kicked Out and Three People Arrested For Asking Questions At Town Hall” a baldfaced LIE or not?

    1. You’re “Tripp”ing, Mike.

      If Paul Ryan isn’t going to hold a real townhall, as he used to (like in 2009 when he held 17 or 18, when the subjects discussed were more to his liking, and when he was assured of the presence of vocal, bussed-in, Koch Brothers-sponsored wingnut dupes), and continues in his obvious efforts to duck his constituents at every turn, while disingenuously using “forums” like this one to feign accessibility to constituents, this kind of thing is going to, and should, happen.

      That said, you’re right. Ryan didn’t actually do the kicking out of /constitutents/protesters. He just hid behind the Rotary members doing it, and immaturely cracked jokes at the expense of the protesting constituents.

      Saying that Ryan kicked them out is hardly a “baldfaced lie”. It simply captures the essential truth of the moment.

      Anyway, Mike, “[c]onservatives] do a disservice to themselves when they [self-servingly mischaracterize] stuff like this [as you did]. ”

      Time to crawl back under Wingnut Rock, Mikey Mike.

      P.S. About your Katie Couric remark – Couric asked simple questions of Sarah Palin in her interviews with her. That Palin was unable to answer them in an intelligent way was a reflection on Palin, not Couric.

      I’m sorry that Palin is stupid. I’m sorry that she revealed her stupidity in such an embarrassing way. I’m sorry that that still continues to “smart” [in context, a pretty funny word choice, n’est pas?] for wingnuts like you. BUT, it’s high time that you got over it.

      That said, the Couric reference was an interesting, highly revealing and eminently entertaining non-sequitor on your part. Poor baby. All you do in saying stuff like that is remind everyone what a moron a conservative/wingnut icon like Sarah Palin is.

      Nice work.

  12. Anyone surprised. Ryan should have let the man speak and answered his questions. People are upset and are being fed all kinds of misinformation from both sides. That comment from Ryan at the end was extremely low class and almost sociopathic. What a Troll. Where is the understanding and decency. Truth be told, Social Security and Medicare is a sham and an entire Generation of people were robbed by the Federal Gov placing it into the General Fund, to be pilfered by Politicians and their pet projects. While Dondre is right, Ryan’s response is telling. Disgusting Elitism as its finest. The Ruling elite dont speak for the working class. Never have, never will, no matter what title or political affiliation.

  13. Says Dondre “I can’t go on for ever folks”. That’s the only thing about this entire article that made ME smile or gave me the slightest bit of comfort. Honestly, I know very little about Paul Ryan, but he seems to be just as slimy and wretched as most of the other politicians. And isn’t it a little strange that he’s CHARGING ADMISSION for folks, AKA potential voters to come listen to his bullshit? I thought that normally they got money via “campaign donations”. And really, Dondre? Just because something doesn’t directly affect that elderly man, he isn’t entitled to be pissed off and/or express his opinion???? Plenty of what’s going on in the world today doesn’t technically affect me, but a lot of it sure does piss me off just the same!

  14. I know Paul Ryan must seem like superman to you libs, but I sincerely doubt that he has xray vision able to see through walls.
    If you can’t act in a civil manner should you really be able to complain about being treated roughly? Despite the video evidence there will be no police brutality trial. Why not, because the police are correct in treating disorderly conduct in this manner. NOBAMA in 2012

    1. Paul Ryan, Superman? (*laughing*). Uh, no. (*laughing*)

      Little twerp, uh huh. Obnoxious, self-absorbed, corporate shill, definitely.

      In any event, compare what happened to this old guy with what happened to all of you insipid, teabagging dupes who disrupted townhall meetings across America during the health care debate. He got brutalized, while absolutely nothing happened to you and your brain-dead brethren.

      Police officers don’t have to act this way. They don’t always act this way. But they acted this way right under Paul Ryan’s nose, and all he could do was joke about it.

      He’s an ass. So are you, Tbag.

    2. @Tbag

      Watch the video, Dbag, and take note of the fact that not a single one of the mindless Koch Brothers and Dick Armey/Freedom Works dupes protesting President Obama’s health care plan back in August of 2009 was brutalized for yelling, screaming, shouting out the views foisted upon them by their puppetmasters, and disrupting the townhall meetings at which they appeared.

      Any chance you would have supported their arrest for doing what they were doing back then?

      Yeah, didn’t think so.

      Dude, you’re nothing more than another moronic, tunnel-visioned rightwing apologist and hypocrite.

      “[NODOUCHEBAGS]” in 2012.

  15. It’s a reflection on how evil people are that they would defend laughing at an elderly man being roughed up. It’s a reflection on their evil that they believe helping people survive and live decent lives is a joke. It’s a reflection on their evil that they think extending help to people is nothing but an “entitlement”. It’s evil to think that war is good and helping the poor is bad.

  16. The simple minded folks from both parties amaze me more every day. They align themselves based solely on their allegiance to the Republicans or Democrats without truly researching the issues. Things are misreported every day and slants as well as spins are commonplace in our media. It is a disgrace.

    Get away from the right and left allegiances and listen for two minutes. Social Security and Medicare have been turned into a total generational ponzi scheme. Add to that the massive debt this now retired generation created by creative mortgaging laws, loopholes and tax breaks as well as credit card lifestyles and you have a mess that makes this and future generations want to puke. You want sympathy old man? When your generation pays its debts that you all created, then I might have some. Paid into it for $50 years? Here’s the deal, we will give you what you put in, period. Probably won’t last you 2-3 years but you will get your money back. Think my generation can say that or has even the slightest hope that we will get back what we put into the programs? NOT A CHANCE. Your parents never lived on credit old man, why did your generation (which I call the “ME” generation) have to have credit galore? Why was the conventional home loan not sufficient? Why did you have to create 95% loans, 100% loans, 125% loans and reverse mortgages? Why did you not cry out when your elected officials started borrowing from Social Security and Medicare? OH, that’s right, because you wanted them to filter the money home to your districts so you could keep your jobs!, have nicer public services and have more to pacify your “ME FIRST” mentality. Your generation created the phrase “because I am worth it and I deserve it.” The problem is, when what you deserve is nothing, or to be penalized for the terrible choices your generation made. you are nowhere to be found when it comes to being accountable for the debts you compiled and have dumped on this generation as well as future generations. You don’t take responsibility for those actions.

    Quite simply, generational theft on the grandest scale ever has been committed here in this country and the old folks like this man still can’t face the harsh realities when it is time to cut back. They wouldn’t cut back when it was necessary before, they borrowed what they wanted from Social Security and Medicare to fund their wants. Then they borrowed from anyone that would loan money to them – Japan, China, whoever. Now they want all the benefits too! Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Do you think my generation will ever see the money we contributed? We will be lucky if we ever see a dime of it and that SUCKS! So don’t tell me what you are entitled to. What you put in per year is probably taken out in 1-2 months of benefits today. The rest is inflation free gravy you are stealing from your children and grandchildren and you are NOT entitled to it. Any elected official who does not have the backbone to make the necessary cuts, reduce the debts this old man’s generation compiled and dumped on this generation and handle money responsibly will never get my vote. While millions in this older generation retired in their late 50’s and early 60’s, we are now faced with not having that same opportunity and will be lucky to see any benefits before the age of 70 if we see any at all. Our elected officials have some tough decisions to make and trillions of debt to eliminate. Let’s hope they have the leadership and backbone to do so and let the history books reflect what has happened!

  17. For the record, Ryan is a jackoff for making a rude remark like that. He was out of line and should apologize for his remark. Also note, I have zero allegiance to any of the current political parties and I dislike them both equally as neither can take accountability or responsibility for their actions and words. They are too busy blaming the opposing party for everything they can. That is not what I want my elected official to be doing.

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