We MUST break up WMC

In 2008, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) , spent millions electing Michael Gableman to the Supreme Court. Of course, that was helped by an unethical and racist ad that Gableman ran, but he was still bought and paid for by WMC.

While the buying of judges is not unheard of, Grisham even wrote a book about it, what is alarming is what WMC used their millions on. The union of businesses, led by their union boss at the time Jim Haney, decided to take their forced dues and politically advocate for their own judge on the Supreme Court. All that while disgusting and dangerous is not the problem, what is the problem is that after searching the state the person they came up with was Michael Gableman!

In the whole David Prosser choked Justice Bradley fiasco, while the whole Supreme Court has proven to be dysfunctional no one has looked as bad or as incompetent as Michael Gableman. Not only did his story not match any of the other witnesses of either side,(he of the Justice Bradley at 5’3″ towered over David Prosser), but he also flat out lied to investigators!

During a July 5 interview about that incident, Gableman told Dane County Detectives Pete Hansen and Sabrina Sims of an alleged incident between him and Bradley. The event took place during a meeting with the other justices on Sept. 18, 2008, Gableman said, a date he said he remembers because it was his birthday and just weeks after he joined the court.

According to the sheriff’s reports, Gableman said he was in a meeting with other justices, including Justice Patrick Crooks, who he said was “reading the horoscopes.” Gableman said he made a joking comment to Abrahamson, calling her by her first name.

In response, Gableman said, “Justice Bradley came over to him, hit him on the back of the head and told him that he needed to show respect to the chief,” according to sheriff’s reports. He said he believed Bradley wasn’t being playful because no one was laughing at the time.

While this “incident” DEFINITELY happened because Gableman recalled it clearly(and Blaska says so) except the court was not in session at this time.

Asked to respond to the allegation, Bradley said in an email to the Wisconsin State Journal that “Justice Gableman recounts an event that never happened on a date that, according to my records, it could not have occurred.”

And Abrahamson said that, according to her records, “no meeting, conference or oral argument of the court occurred on September 18, 2008, or on any day that week.” Her calendar showed she had appointments outside the Capitol that day, including in Milwaukee, she said.

She said she asked Bradley and Crooks to check their records, which also show no meetings that week. And, she said, Justice Patience Roggensack earlier requested that the court not schedule anything between Sept. 15 and Sept. 29 that year.

OOPS. Wait there is more. Justice Gableman changed his story(that he was sure of) but this time he isn’t so sure. Illusory Tenant has more on the \"Gableman Switcheroo\". (warning do not read this post and then operate heavy machinery, the Gableman spin and quick changes could make you dizzy)!

So here we have the business union(WMC) and their boss Jim Haney spending millions of dollars in dues and thousands of hours lobbying to influence legislation in our great state and what they decide to purchase is an ethically challenged, lying, lightweight Justice? If this is how they spend their money, they obviously can not be trusted with anymore.

It is time to disband WMC, our state is broke and we can not afford such incompetence anymore!


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6 thoughts on “We MUST break up WMC

  1. I don’t mind that there is WMC- corporate slime have every right to form a union like people with real jobs do. But what we should do is EXPOSE AND BOYCOTT anyone associated with that disgusting group. I’ve done it with Johnsonville ever since they backed Gableman’s racist campaign 3 years ago, and we need to make anyone associated with those Koch wanna-bes pay dearly for what they’re trying to do to us.

    They don’t have the guts to reveal all their members, so we have to require all WMC and corporate donations to be public record, and destroy any politician that refuses to allow this common-sense requirement to go through.

    Oh, and recall Gableman and his Supreme Court accomplices as soon as possible. Schedule it for May 2011, along with the Walker recall. These cancers must be cut out.

  2. Here’s a solution on the Gableman – Bradley controversy. Challenge both to take lie detector tests. I guess you’d only really need one. If one side or the other is caught “lying” in their version of whether Bradley choked Gableman, that person would agree beforehand to resign their seat on the court. I know lie detector tests aren’t completely foolproof, but I’d be willing to bet the public would support such a proposal.

  3. The liberal hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. The public service unions bankroll Democrats at every turn, including some who have lied and been incompetent are you calling for AFSME to be broken up. Wow, Gableman lied or mis-remembered about the date of a meeting, at least he didn’t lie to a grand jury about having sex in the oral office.
    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
    You have and can come up with better things to write about than this.

    1. Tbag,

      The people of Wisconsin have a right to know if one of their Supreme Court justices is a liar who falsely accuses others of crimes they didn’t commit.

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