Eric Cantor Needs His Fix

of Stimulus Money! yes Paul Ryan’s BFF needs his fix and needs it bad. Like a typical addict though, he has two personalities and has a hard time ever telling the truth. ‘

Eric Cantor # 1:

“And what we see in this budget, frankly, is an attempt, again, to try and stimulate the economy through government expenditure. And, you know, at best what that can do is redistribute wealth. It can’t create jobs; it can’t create wealth. We’ve got to get back to focusing on job creation and creating prosperity.”

“Government doesn’t create jobs and build wealth; entrepreneurs, risk takers and private businesses do,”

Eric Cantor #2 – the addict personality:

“High speed rail provides a sensible and viable solution to our region’s transportation challenges. It is estimated that creating a high speed railway through Virginia will generate as many as 185,500 jobs, as much as $21.2 billion in economic development, and put nearly 6.5 million cars off the road annually.”

, “Once an application for a Title XI loan guarantee is approved, the construction order is immediately placed in a shipyard, instantaneously creating and sustaining thousands of jobs in the shipyard and supplier base for two to three years.”

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