Student rips up recall petitions, brags about it on Twitter

From Tony Galli of WKOW comes news of a student at Edgewood College in Madison ripping up a petition to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker and then bragging about it on Twitter.

Associate Dean of Students Ryan Bouchard told 27 News as students gathered recall signatures in a campus dining commons November 15, a student took a petition and ripped it up. Bouchard said campus policy allowed the signature collection in the common area.

After ripping up the recall petition, the student in question bragged about his actions on his Twitter account (which has since been deleted), saying, “Today I ripped up a petition form to recall you.”

Perhaps what the student should have said is, “Today I committed a felony….I’m so proud of myself!”


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2 thoughts on “Student rips up recall petitions, brags about it on Twitter

  1. We have three cases of petition destruction in which the identity of the criminals is known and yet not one person has been arrested for commiting these felonies. It’s time for the police to pick one of these criminals up so their mugshot can be displayed on the front pages of newspapers. These conservative thugs need to know that there will be punishment for their actions. Otherwise they will act with impunity and these episodes will escalate into violence.

    I am going out with my wife today to collect signtures. If some conservative joker tries something I will make a citizen’s arrest since the police don’t seem interested in enforcing the law. There seems to be no point in just taking down the license plate number and taking photographs since the police will do nothing anyway. WTF?

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