“One Boy… Boy for Sale! He’s Going Cheap!”

Well, cheap if you’re a multimillionaire…  Wisconsin’s Boy-Governor is for sale to the highest bidder.  The free market in action!

Gov. Scott Walker received $1 million in one weeklong stretch alone from just four donors as part of his fundraising blitz that helped him raise more than $12 million over the last year — and more than $4.5 million in the last five weeks as a drive to recall him from office concluded.

Walker brought in big money from out-of-state donors, including another $250,000 from billionaire Texas home-builder Bob Perry. That means he has now received $500,000 from Perry, who is known for financing the “swift boat” ads targeting 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry.

Wisconsin’s political system is now irretrievably corrupted by outside money from wealthy donors.  And it only took one year of GOP governance to get there!  I wonder what pieces of Wisconsin these wealthy donors now own?


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5 thoughts on ““One Boy… Boy for Sale! He’s Going Cheap!”

  1. Do Democrats running for office raise funds? Seems like the double standard you preach against, is exactly what your party has adopted. It’s called politics… quit complaining!

    1. Cable guy, when you have your own blog, you can write whatever you want. Until then…

      The fact that Scooter has raised over 60% of his money from massive out-of-state contributions makes me wonder what promises he’s making to these wealthy donors.

    2. Larry, if memory serves me, since the protests began Republicans have been talking about all the “out of state protesters” and national “union bosses” who’ve been a part of this movement, without any proof to back up their assertions.

      However, in Scott Walker’s fundraising numbers we have irrefutable proof that Scott Walker’s being propped up by out of state interests.

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