Please you’re giving me a headache. I can not handle anymore right wing crying wolf about “massive fraud”. We recently collected more than 1 million signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker(540,000) were needed.

As soon as the signatures were turned in, the right wing took to their airwave monopoly with their stories of fraud. Everyone on the right has a friend whose brother in laws friend signed the petition 10 times( or some other variation of this urban legend). The hate sqwaukers were all to happy to continue telling these unverified fables.

These next two pics, touted as obvious fraud, come courtesy of wolf on back/ snake on chest herself:

Lets look at this. Is this fraud or a mistake? What probably happened here was Duffy Holloway was probably told to recall both Walker/Kleefisch he had to sign twice. He probably misinterpreted that to mean twice in a row, he made the mistake and crossed it out. On the same sheet, Corrina Williams signed her name and then probably thought she had to put down Scott walkers name as the person she wanted to recall. She did not sign scott walker to the petition. Are either of these fraud? No! Nor were either of these counted by United WI in their final total.

One more example:

Let’s take a logical look at what probably happened here. A group of people stopped to sign the recall petition and all got into a discussion(the petitioners were our friends and neighbors) and passed the clipboard around. One of the people in the group was probably visiting from Ithaca, NY and in the process accidentally signed the petition. Is this fraud? NO! This signature was also not counted in the 1,000,000+ total by United WI but this sheet needed to be turned in since there are 9 legit signatures on it.

Let’s move on to JSonline and their exam in the signatures link.

If you find signatures, names or addresses of people who signed the petitions that are noteworthy, you can submit them to our database in our Data on Demand portal. We will review submissions and post those that we can independently verify.

OOPs..Looks like JSonline is not following their own rules. They are allowing anonymous people to sift through the recall signatures and then comment about the “known fraud” (See urban legend reference above) and we do not know if it is darlene wink commenting, a 12 year old or an actual handwriting expert(although I am amazed how many actual handwriting experts there are in WI(more on this in a bit). Lets take a look at one example:

Recall petitions page 000664: Lines 4 & 5 – Brittney & Brooke Hietpas – same address.

Now lets look at the comments on the JSOnline website(please keep in mind that official policy is We will review submissions and post those that we can independently verify.)

Anonymous handwriting expert from somewhere in this world(no guarantee they are even from WI) and supposedly independently verified complaint:

651 14 4&5 Obvious false names Obviously same handwriting. 1/31/2012

Obviously same handwriting? It could not be that these two people, who are obviously sisters, and probably same age(twins) or very close in age and of the same sex would not have similar handwriting? I guess not since JSonline independently verified this. Unbelievable. PS: Hietpas seems to be a common name in Little Chute, shouldn't be hard to actually verify.

One more example before I wrap this up. This gem from the Racine Journal Times regarding verifying the recall signatures:

Marge Orth, 63, of Caledonia, also had a page filled with notes about flagged petitions. On some of petitions, she could tell the person that filled out the address was not the same as the person who dated the signature.

“The twos, they don’t match,” she said. She doesn’t know if the signatures she flagged will be thrown out, but she said, “You have to question it. We’ll let the lawyers figure it out.”

If 63 yr old Marge Orth can’t tell that “two’s dont match” who can? rest easy walker backers, Marge is on the case.

Ok now let’s get real and wrap this up. There is absolutely NO way that they will be able to throw out enough signatures to stop the recall election. Do you really want to anyway? as if our state is not divided enough as is, try and not have a recall elections after a million signatures and thousands of volunteers and watch it get even worse. Besides Scott Walker said he wanted this election ASAP, don’t you take him at his word?

I truly believe that the Walker campaign and supporters have every right to review the petitions. The Walker campaign has had .pdf versions of these petitions for days now. I think anyone who wants to help should go find a Walker for Gov office and sit and go through them. To put them online in a searchable database is insanity. To allow people from all over the country unfettered access to them is also insanity! To the walker backers that are putting their name in a verify the signatures – What do you think is going to happen with that database? Is it really necessary to use this database to make fun of fellow Wisconsinite’s last name? I would say that most people in Wisconsin whether their name is Smith or Heitpas or Orth are quite proud of their last name and no need to start throwing them out as legit signatures because you do not know someone with that name.

Let’s be clear now the amount of actual fraud will be miniscule, the signatures thrown out will be insignificant. These urban legends of fraud are just being done to create as much noise as possible to cast doubt on the process for people who are not paying 100% attention.

Shame on those that do this, you know better. Please stop, you’re hurting your cause and giving me a headache!


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19 thoughts on “STOP the NOISE!!!

  1. What level of invalid signatures would you deem to be evidence of fraud?
    10, 20, 30%, more? I have no doubt that there are enough valid signatures to force the recall, but if more than 10% are invalid then the signature gatherers and signers are either cheats or just plain stupid, and in either case should not be granted a vote in any election.

  2. “Marge Orth, 63, of Caledonia, also had a page filled with notes about flagged petitions. On some of petitions, she could tell the person that filled out the address was not the same as the person who dated the signature.”

    Marge doesn’t know here ass from a hole in the ground:

    “The circulator may add any missing or illegible address
    or date information before the petition is filed with the filing officer.”

  3. Ok, I admit it, I personally signed 30,000 times. I signed so many times I had to have carpal tunnel surgery. Yeah Marge, you got me. Damn those high IQ conseratives.

  4. This NOISE you here is propaganda, and its being used to raise doubt and outradge among the electorate. The NOISE has just begun.

  5. I don’t think conservatives are under any illusion that there won’t be enough valid signatures to trigger the recall election, however what’s wrong with reviewing the petitions and pointing out that despite what the left would have us believe, there are invalid signatures. Lot’s of them! Tell me now that you lefties wouldn’t be doing the same thing!

    In the end, Walker will survive the recall election. The MILLIONS of non-government workers that don’t speak drum will ensure that. If I’m wrong, I’ll come back here and post anything you want verbatim that you desire.

    1. I love the “dont speak drum” line …who coined that anyway? was it luntz? Maybe that should be a weekly topic of conversation this weekend.

      The repubs have coined the phrase “dont speak drum” what should the dems phrase be?

      Dont speak Alec?

      Dont speak Luntz?

      arent allowed to speak to rojo or ryan?

      must have $350 bottles of wine to speak?

      Dont speak koch?

  6. “Could your name be on a recall petition fraudulently?” asks They’ve converted the petitions not to a true searchable database, but to a spreadsheet of everyone’s info, sorted alphabetically. The PDF was created from an Excel spreadsheet by Dan Romportl, policy director for Fitzgerald from 11/2010 to 8/2011, and now executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate.

  7. I don’t understand why people are so worked up about the recall sheets, let them have their recall so far they have not been able to come up with a candidate that has appeal outside of the MADISON/MILWAUKEE corridor and most likely never will

  8. lefties wanted to completely overturn Act 10 over the number of minutes notice given before a legislative committee hearing. Apparently details matter!

  9. re-callers held up big posters with numbers spelling out “1,000,000+” So I think we should just go ahead and see how many it really is. Now the GAB should have done that themselves. The fact that they didn’t is embarrassing for Wisconsin. If one thing for certain has come out of all this it’s that the GAB is nothing more than an accountability board that wants to hold conservatives accountable.

  10. Jim what exactly should the GAB have done? Please be specific….

    also we know by certifying the democratic senators recalls last year that just is not true.

    Yes the dems wanted to overturn ACT10 because the democrats (at least most of the democrats I know) feel that following the law is a big deal.

    1. exactly what they are there for. To assure accuracy and accountablity in a stack of documents aimed at recalling a Governor who was elected fair and square. I don’t know why anyone would want it any other way. I sure wouldn’t be arguing if the shoe was on the other foot. I would want to know how many legitimate signatures there really was. If you’re going to hold up signs that spell out “1,000,000+” then let’s just see how many legitimate ones there are. Not that hard. If it’s 999,999 then fine. I wasn’t the one that had a big woody to get up to a million signatures. They were. Plus libs love to say how there’s not fraud in elections. Here’s their chance to prove they are right…or not.

  11. No jeff what I am saying is that the candidates that the Dems are putting out there right now are not attractive enough to get cross votes from Republicans and independents that can defeat Scott walker.

  12. Again John when the actual election happens it will be a two person race. It will be whoever the dems run against Scott Walker. You are under the assumption that unless its Fighting Bob himself everyone will run to scott walker when in reality this is about Scott walker. You are also assuming that All republicans and independents are breaking for scott walker at the moment and I would say that is not reality .

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