It’s Catching

Fred Dooley Syndrome is spreading across the nation. The latest outbreak has occurred in Montana where federal judge Richard Cebull admitted forwarding an email that compared African-Americans to dogs and implied that President Obama’s mother had sex with animals. Cebull later said in an interview — after getting caught — that he agreed the email was racist, but he was not. Really.

He must be from the Deep South. At least he didn’t claim that pain meds had caused him to not recognize the email’s racist nature.


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9 thoughts on “It’s Catching

  1. It’s amazing the speed of the moral and ethical conversion these kind of people make when they get caught stepping on their dicks and being exposed for the bona fide douchebags that they really are!

    1. Dooley really is a tool, OS. Fred started deleting my comments pretty quickly over there when I tried to post them once upon a time. Once I was hip to that particular trip, I posted a , “F*ck this, and f*ck you, fat boy”, comment, and was banned.

      “Real Debate Wisconsin”. Yeahhhh, I don’t think so.

      Dooley’s afraid of his own shadow. And it is one BIG, fat-ass shadow.

      Anyway, I read the article of yours to which you linked above, and found myself in 100% agreement regarding Drooley and his site.

      Back when “Friends” was still on, and after Joey had done something particularly stupid, Chandler rhetorically asked of whoever was there, “How does he NOT fall down more often?”

      Since he first came on my radar, I’ve been asking the same question about Fred.

      Fred Dooley Syndrome. (*laughing*) Good one.

      Cheers, OS. Keep up the great work.

    2. Sorry you have such problems reading. My comment is perfectly coherent. Hypocrite.

      1. No, Anon, it really isn’t. I kept reading it in an effort to understand it, and finally just said, “F*ck it”.

        Coherent? I don’t think so.

  2. The fact that I wrote the comment originally in jest obviously slipped by you. Then you made a big deal out of it. Roland never bothered me as much as others. Yet you made it a big deal. You dislike him intensely. I get it.

    You apparently dislike me too. Oh my.

    Tell you what, this will be my last response to you. Have fun

    Oh … ah, nevermind.

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