I have written extensively about Verify the Recall. I knew from the beginning that they were going to use the database to intimidate and harass the signers but I had to idea to the extent of it.

The recall has been certified, we had almost a million signatures, people want the Governor replaced and they exercised the CONSTITUTIONAL rights to sign a recall petition to have him recalled. END OF STORY!

NOW STOP F**KING using Verify the Recall searchable database to see who you can “out” as a signer. It is NOT investigative journalism when you do it, it is a page from the book of Joe McCarthy! It could not be more Anti-American!

The latest story comes from the right wing racist hate organization mediatacKKKers, and can be found here!


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26 thoughts on “JUST F**KING STOP ALREADY

  1. The intimidation just does not stop. It is pretty clear that this is not only about the participation in this recall but squelching any further participation.

    We need to make out these people to be the heroes that they are. They are standing up for themselves but often are unaffected and standing up for the rights of others.

    It is a group effort and we must keep it up.

  2. In posting that article earlier, I actually earned a tweet from Brian Sikma himself! Walkergate will get scooter (or the recall, whatev) and the IRS will get these #thugs.

  3. I’m wondering, were you as upset with Sen. Lena Taylor calling for a boycott of businesses in her district because of their financial gifts and support to conservatives? She probably used the information posted on the GAB website. I don’t see much of a difference.

        1. Boycotting businesses is an economic choice. Outing people who sign a petition is harrassment.

          I signed the peitions to recall Walker and Kleefisch. -CJ McD

  4. Rick Esenberg, January:

    “I do have some sympathy for the argument that state laws compelling disclosure may need to be constitutionally curtailed when they facilitate harassment and retaliation. But the idea that people who want to recall Governor (who constantly tell us they embody the will of the ‘people of Wisconsin’) will be subject to harassment or retaliation to an extent that defeats the public interest in open verification of the recall is ridiculous.”

    Just a few days after writing that, he began a week-long squeal about how people were unfairly besmirching his name with the email proving his was a Troupis shill at the redistricting hearing.

  5. I stopped reading the professor because all i was doing was pitying him. the way he shills and changes positions on things that he knowingly does not even believe just to get in good with the R powers that be, he is like a battered woman.

    Its sad that he went to Law school for that…

  6. I see that the “Obituary Burglar” in Sheboygan Falls was a big Walker supporter.
    One more reason to do your hiring off the Verity Recall list. It automatically weeds out all sorts of miscreants and deviates.

  7. Besides the points raised above, it’s just lazy journalism. It doesn’t tell the public any actual useful information, just that there are public officials who went on record as thinking Walker should be recalled.

    It’s much easier to search a database for noteworthy names than to uncover things like Walkergate. Journalists reporting on who signed recall paperwork are revealing their own unwillingness to do real investigative reporting.

  8. Oddly enough, in some video shot by another station the Walker sign nearest the driveway has been removed. I guess we’re lucky they didn’t replace it with a recall sign.

  9. kinda like how you blue fisters called out your own alderman for not signing the recall petition?

    1. Actually, I called out Ald. Zielinski for deleting me from his Facebook page after I asked him a question about it.

    2. I realize that he is pretty clueless and all, but when exactly is it that James Booth going to realize that the whole “blue fisters” thing hasn’t caught on?

      1. Likely around the same time that people figure out the definition of ad hominem attacks and those tactics being invalid in any reasoned debate.

  10. Freaking Twilight Zone:

    Only one of the employees who signed a petition, chief photographer Steve Apps, is involved in news coverage. Three are imaging technicians who handle photo toning and graphics processing, and two are part-time sports clerks/writers

    Gotta keep those photo toners in line, for chrissakes.

  11. yoSAMite is upset that activists sometimes make personal decisions to boycott a business, but the politicians he supports are meanwhile all upset that the Affordable Care Act is taking away the “freedom” of individuals not to buy health insurance. So, which is it? By this cognitively dissonant standard, if you boycott health insurance, that’s cool, but if you boycott any other business for any other reason, that’s outrageous?

    1. I don’t know how you came to the conclusion I’m upset. I asked questions and answered them.

      What I find weird is a politician complaining about the lack of jobs in their district and then calling for a boycott of businesses because they don’t fall in line with their political ideology.

      What business would want to start up or relocate in that area knowing if they don’t agree with the State Senator their business may be threatened.

      I don’t think it is odd to expect some sort of consistency.

    2. As to your question I have to admit I’m not understanding it. Isn’t the argument that the Affordable Care Act forces everyone to buy insurance. I don’t think that has anything to do with boycotting any business.

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