Vos And Fitzgerald Want To Talk With Governor Evers?

Then why are we talking about it in meetings with business leaders or in the press instead of just walking across the Capitol and getting it done? I am sure that somewhere in the governor’s suite of offices is a conference room large enough to meet in while socially distancing. And as we now know, the state legislature knows how to do virtual conferencing as needed.

Well, it’s because they have to make political points with their base ahead of actually doing anything to help the state…as has been evident ever since former Governor Scott Walker lost the last gubernatorial election.

But all three of these gentlemen are at the pinnacle of their respective food chains…there is no reason whatsoever that they can’t talk.

Wisconsin Republican legislative leaders Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald say they want to negotiate with Democratic Gov. Tony Evers a phased-in plan for reopening the state starting with regions where Covid-19 cases are few and far between.

Well stop yakking about it and contact the governor…you know where he lives!

But before they can do that, they have to throw another jab first:

Senate majority leader Fitzgerald said his biggest sticking point with the Evers administration is the governor opposes a regional approach to relaxing Safer at Home restrictions.

“The sooner that changes, the better off we’ll all be,” Fitzgerald said. “Minocqua is not Milwaukee and those parts of the state that are not experiencing the same level of cases as well as deaths should be opened and should be opened quicker. Because that is ultimately what will support Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin is have the rest of the state open up.”

Do you know why Minocqua is NOT Milwaukee? Because people are all safer at home. If the state ‘re-opens’ before Memorial Day ‘Up North’ will be full of tourists from Chicago and Milwaukee to celebrate. Everyone with a cabin up there will be opening their cabins. And by mid-June Minocqua and Rhinelander, etal, will be the newest epicenter in the state.

And they complain that there is no clear path to re-opening:

Fitzgerald and Vos also criticized Evers and his health services secretary Andrea Palm for not giving them or Wisconsin residents a clear scorecard for when businesses and communities can reopen.

Now, the governor’s Badger Bounce Back plan is a very clear scorecard…it relies on metrics to determine when and what should open. I am sorry that our legislative leaders don’t understand metrics and data and apparently think that only hard calendar dates are a plan. That would be cool if the curve were flat or trending down. So far that’s not the case.

I applaud the fact that Rep. Vos approves of further testing. He seems to recognize that we need to go beyond just testing people with symptoms. But that hasn’t been the goal…that’s been the default because of the ineptitude and lack of tests being provided by the federal government.

Vos said he supports the governor’s goal of increasing testing for Covid-19. But Vos said testing shouldn’t focus only on patients in hospitals because then “we’re going to continue to get high case counts and that in many ways is not necessarily reflective of where all of society is.”

So far Rep. Vos’ comments are just lip service. Neither the Assembly nor the Senate has made any apparent move to encourage additional testing or gotten behind efforts to secure additional testing materials for the state. Hopefully that will change…although the president doesn’t seem to be committed to a plan either.

While Vos wants to reopen parts of the state soon, he acknowledged it will “probably be a few years before we’re back to where we were before.”

And it will take even longer if Rep. Vos and Sen. Fitzgerald continue to sit on their hands while running their mouths.


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  1. Fitz has a “sticking point” even though he hasn’t talked to Evers. Priceless. Complaining about Palm when they have refused to confirm her appointment. Great logic. Just like watching two monkeys trying to screw a football.

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