Republican Train Wreck

Rhode Island Republican candidate Barry Hinckley has had some traction lately by having his 5 year old son as the major part of his ad campaign “"Economics for Five Year Olds". This of course appeals greatly to the “tea party” base and having his kid be part of the campaign appealed to Fox News.

Neil Cavuto and Fox news saw a chance to promote one of their own and had the father/son on his show. What transpired was a five minute train wreck, the likes of which have not been seen since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer attempted to debate.

Hilariously, things momentarily go off script when Cavuto inquires somewhat skeptically, “Hudson, are you worried about our debt?” Hudson pauses long enough for his Dad to interject, asking, “Are you worried about paying back the money?” Finally, Hudson answers, “Um, no.”

Barry Hinckley appears a little irritated and Cavuto jokes, “You’re not worried about it at all. So, the whole ad was a lie!”

And they think they can win back the Senate with amateurs like this?


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3 thoughts on “Republican Train Wreck

  1. yes they do and its obvious that the son is more qualified to be a senator than the dad but what the hell is the dad doing by mouthing everything the son says?

    Thats creepy!

    Thisi s like the weirdest video ever.

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