Wisconsin Economy Improves Despite Republican Policies

Good news for the state, the two state-level indicies of economic activity in Wisconsin are finally, after a year, pointing in the right direction.  While many will attempt to credit Walker for this movement, one should remember that for many months, Wisconsin lagged far behind the rest of the nation in terms of economic recovery.  But as the national economy has rebounded, and, owing to the interconnectivity of the American economy, a strong coattail effect is at work here.

The fact remains that Wisconsin is, quite literally, the last state in the lower 48 to recover from the recession.  How is this a feather in Walker’s cap?  Anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of economics knows that a rise in national demand eventually lifts all the state boats.  I suppose that is too much to ask of the Walker administration.   Their efforts to scuttle the state economy over the last 13 months are now a matter of record.

First is the current, or Coincident Index

from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

As you can see, only Alaska performed worse than Wisconsin, which remained unchanged from the month before.  I suppose Walker would like to take credit for a halt in the state’s slide into the economic abyss, but he can’t.  He’s benefiting from the coattail effect of the ongoing national recovery.

And now the 6-month forecast, or Leading Index

from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Again, Wisconsin is poised for strong growth because we have so much ground to make up after the economic armageddon of Walker’s first year in office.

I honestly hope that Walker continues to try and run on his record of economic disaster for Wisconsin.  It should prove to be his undoing.


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3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Economy Improves Despite Republican Policies

  1. If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Wisconsin has been last in the nation for months, we were due to improve. But it is good news

  2. I know it’s kind of an inconvenient truth, and quite humorous how you spin it Phil! So before when Wisconsin was sucking wind it had nothing whatsoever to do with the national climate. But now that it’s doing better, it’s only because of national fallout?? And we are now “poised for strong growth because we have so much ground to make up”? (laughing) You can’t have it both ways, Phil. Walker either sucks and can’t grow the private economy, or he can.

    If the recession in Wisconsin took a little longer to end because of the impact Walker’s actions had on the public sector in Wisconsin, I’d say that was worth the wait.

    Wisconsin is most certainly on the right track as it relates to both the private and public sector. Walker will enjoy the balance of his fairly elected term, and hopefully another starting in 2014.

    Nice to see you still writing. Really.

  3. It’s nice to see JimbobobbityBOO! fly in from Fantasy Land every once in a great while.

    “Once in a great while” is THE perfect amount.

    Now, don’t go wearing out your welcome by overdoing it, Jimbo, ya hear?

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