Just.. Wow… Unbelievable Sexism on Fox & Friends

Unreal. On Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Steve Doocy interviewed members of the U.S. Navy Band about the band’s recent inclusion of women. In his reaction to the piece, Brian Kilmeade sniped, “Women are everywhere. We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.” Gretchen Carlson walked off of the set in anger.  The self-loathing of Republican women is reaching epidemic proportions.  Will nobody on the right speak out against this?


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33 thoughts on “Just.. Wow… Unbelievable Sexism on Fox & Friends

  1. I can just hear conservatives now. “But….but….he was just kidding!”

    As if it’s cool to make sexist wisecracks. Ultimately this just underscores how little regard some conservatives have for women.

  2. I could care less about a couple of meat head reporters on Fox. But what I find offensive is the Navy just started including women in their bands? My son has been in the Army band for five or six years now and they’ve had women in their bands as a matter of course. They even deployed to Afghanistan with his 101st Airborne Band and earned combat action badges during a fire fight at a forward operating base along the Pakistan border…yes, rightfully woman are everywhere!

  3. I’ll admit that in the private company of my male and female group of friends we make outrageously sexist comments as well — but it is intended to make fun of conservatives, not women.

  4. The mentally ill Joy Baher says she wishes Romneys house would burn down and not a peep from the unhinged left but let a conservative make jokes and the you get all bent out of shape, just sad and pathetic how low these people really are on the food chain.

  5. Assuming she still has a job, Gretchen will make a public apology on the show tomorrow. It’s Fox and FRIENDS, not Fox and Feminazis. A certain standard of behavior is expected of the Fox girls and she unfortunately rose above that standard for a minute or two.

  6. After the behaviors that we witnessed from too many Democrats, too, in 2008 . . . nope, I am not convinced that they could have progressed from Neanderthal to New Age Guys in only four years. So unless and until libruls can do better, it’s only a matter of degrees of sexism.

  7. I guess after reading the comment section on your post about Romney’s spokesperson I guess you’d know a sexist when you see one, since you are one…or at the very least sound like one.

      1. Phil, do you own this blog? Do you speak for every person who comments and writes on this blog? Did you really mark my comments as “spam”…? I’ve been posting on this blog for years and years…and I challenge you about sexist comment and your hypocrisy…and all of sudden my comments that I tried posting got rejected as spam.

        1. I own what I post so yes, I own this blog. I don’t and didn’t mark your posts as spam. Either the system rejected them for some reason or Zach decided tha they were inappropriate for some reason.

          I don’t generally pay attention to the humor impaired conservitards who inhabit the comment section of BB like CHUDS, but I figured I’d make a joke ant your expense. I see that my work was thoroughly rewarded by your prattish response. Well done!

          Keep up the good work!

          Hugs & Kisses!

          1. There is something seriously wrong with you.

            First, Zach owns this blog…not you.

            Second…since you do have the ability to filter comments I know you spammed mine because you are that big of a coward (and I mean BIG). Never in the five or six years have my comments been spammed until tonight. If I were to guess who did it…I’d say it was you…not Zach.

            Third…how dare you use the word “conservitards”!? Your use of that word on this blog just shows me you are incredibly self-centered and obviously have not taken any steps to get to know the person who has so kindly given you a place to spew your nonsense. Man…with friends like you who the hell needs enemies. Shame on you.

            Now…stupid fuck…I’m not a conservative. Not anywhere close. Don’t think just because you called me a conservative no one will notice your sexist remarks…and your hypocrisy regarding Kilmeade’s comment and the liberal commenters’ comments. One you condemned the other you laughed at and joined in. Explain your sorry self.

            You are one weak minded person who does not walk the talk. Maybe it’s time for you to leave…again…and stay gone.

            1. I’m certainly not going to argue with the likes of you about my writing arrangement with Zach, something of which you are profoundly ignorant. Not that your ignorance surprises me…

              Second, just because I can filter doesn’t mean that I do filter. And when I do (which is rare), I contact the author via e-mail directly. And since I never sent an e-mail to “Monica,” I haven’t filtered you. Now, if you happen to be a sockpuppet for some moron like Tom Harlan, then yeah, you’ve been filtered.

              Third, I will use whatever language, words or epithets I want and nothing you or any other conservitard will change my mind. Live with it or fuck of and die. Your choice.

              Fourth, you certainly do a good job pretending to be one.

              Fifth, don’t let the Internet hit you on the ass on the way out. Adios!

              1. “Fourth, you certainly do a good job pretending to be one.”

                So…according to Phil Scarr…if you don’t accept sexism from democrats/liberals you are a conservative. SMH.

              2. You did send my comments to the spam filter. You didn’t like what I was saying and you tried to silence my voice…as you continue to do by telling me to stop posting on this blog. You are an embarrassment to Progressives.

                    1. I’ve seen the screen in question, and that has absolutely nothing to do with a human moderating your comment as spam. If Phil or me or someone else marked your comment as spam, it wouldn’t have happened the very second you posted your comment; it would have happened after the fact.

                      Without knowing exactly what you wrote in your comment, I can’t tell you why the anti-spam filter marked it as spammy. Did it contain a bad word? Was it too short? I don’t know, because you don’t recall what you wrote.

                      This isn’t some grand conspiracy.

              3. With all due respect Phil, you won’t use whatever language, words or epithets you want, because there are some lines I simply won’t tolerate you (or anyone else here) crossing.

  8. This interchange reminds me of my first-ever comment on Blogging Blue, where I went on a slight tangent to a post, and abuse was heaped on me, calling me a RWNJ and troll and similar. I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve voted Dem almost every vote of my life; I’ve marched, I’ve phone-banked, I’ve donated funds in support of the left and the working middle class, anti-war movement, and pro-union movement. And still I got tossed from one “regular” to another like a rag doll between two frisky terriers.

    I object to the word conservitards because it legitimizes the now-disreputable term retards. Name-calling doesn’t promote discussion. Y’all could learn a lot from the way Lisa Mux @Muxywithmoxie responds to her comments section.

    1. I have had the same happen to me from the “regulars”. If you are not in 100% with them you are not a “true” Democrat.

      1. Writes the guy who has attacked me as a sexist for daring to support a candidate other than Kathleen Falk, and who has attacked me as a sexist for daring to criticize elected officials who happen to be women, while conveniently ignoring the times I’ve criticized male elected officials as well.

        Spare me your indignation.

    2. This blog is full of bullies. If you deviate slightly from what they are saying you get attacked.

      Sexism isn’t just a conservative problem as we see from Phil Scarr and company. It’s a problem with men from all political affiliations. Racist comments or wise cracks would never be accepted on here and everyone would be calling the racist out…but…it’s okay to make sexist wise cracks and degrade women and no one blinks. I want to know why?

  9. Oooooookay.

    It’s time to stop. First, I’m not a huge fan of “conservitards” or any variation of words that uses “-tard” or “-tards” at the end. Those of you who know me will understand why.

    Secondly, let’s just give the, “I’m a better liberal/progressive than you” thing a rest. There are many folks who comment here who while being liberal, may not share the same viewpoints as the rest of us on some issues. In fact, I’m willing to bet my views on crime would put me to the right of virtually every contributor on Blogging Blue, but I don’t believe that makes me less of a liberal.

    To be honest, I’m sick and damn tired of having to remind people to try to use a little civility.

  10. Oh and congratulations….for the second time in the history of Blogging Blue I feel compelled to close comments, because this has become an absolute s–t storm.

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