Madison Mayor Paul Soglin to Run for Wisconsin Governor?

Please, no! The Wisconsin State Journal is saying that Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is considering a run for governor against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in 2018.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Saturday that he’s considering seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018, the winner of which likely will challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

It marked a reversal for Soglin, who said in December he had “no interest” in challenging Walker, who is very likely to seek a third term as governor.

Soglin said the surprising appeal of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, particularly in Wisconsin, is part of what changed his mind about a potential run for governor.

As a Madison liberal, Soglin told the Wisconsin State Journal Saturday, he used to believe it would be a struggle to sell himself to voters in a statewide election. But he noted Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” with a large base of support in Madison, easily won the state’s 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Soglin was a Sanders delegate to last year’s Democratic National Convention.

“His success is one part of it,” Soglin said.

Just one more reason that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin needs to identify some realistic and serious gubernatorial candidates before this thing devolves into a total side show…yikes!


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2 thoughts on “Madison Mayor Paul Soglin to Run for Wisconsin Governor?

  1. Time for Paul to retire to elder statesman status.

    Bernie’s strong performance in 2016 should be something WisDems learn from. But 70+-year-old curmudgeon Paul Soglin as the candidate to carry that message? Uhhh, no

  2. The main thing for Democrats is to find candidates who will run for Governor. A primary can be a good thing. Right now I lean toward Kathleen Vinehout but I am open to other candidates. What I like about Paul Soglin is that he is independent, is good on the issues, and has a great knowledge of the political process. Democrats need a candidate who is comfortable standing on a Soapbox!

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