5 thoughts on “Phony Religious Freedom is Phony

  1. I believe that matter has been “taken under advisement,” though I’m not certain of it. Another Michigan legislator was also indefinitely banned but in that case I believe she spoke out of turn and so committed a minor technical violation of house rules. In both cases, their respective constituents have been silenced. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Apparently, Brown offended the speaker by using the “V” word, and that’s why she was banned. I’m looking for confirmation of the official “why.” To my knowledge, one hasn’t been issued. Incidentally, the bill in question passed.

  2. Oh, and I think it’s meaningful to point out that Brown’s colleague, Rep. Bynum, was reprimanded for not only speaking out of turn but for running about the chambers screaming like a child. From what I understand Bynum did not caper about the chambers in any way. But, you’ll notice the now familiar “Grow Up” “Whiners” “Progressives are Adolescents” “Liberals are children” meme that infects our discourse being used to silence legitimate dissenting opinion.

    It also occurred to me that Maude from “The Big Lebowski” was certainly correct. I’d post the clip but decorum might prevent me from advocating the use of the “V” word or more accurately – the “V” State might hunt me down for indecorous candor.

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