Stupid is as Stupid Does!

Wow… That’s some powerful dumb.

Anderson Cooper is stunned by the degree of dumb on display from Romney Campaign spokesperson Gail Gitcho.  She can’t figure out the difference between the President and the CBO.

The Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group of economists and econometricians put in place to provide objective economic analysis to congress and the nation.  Gail Gitcho should know this.  She doesn’t.


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15 thoughts on “Stupid is as Stupid Does!

    1. I wasn’t going to go there. I originally referred to her as the “Romney campaign spokesmodel” but I refrained… But this is the comment section where anything goes!

      1. Just as in life…anything doesn’t go here. Sexism isn’t okay. It won’t be tolerated (at least not by me). Just as racism isn’t. You probably don’t know the first thing about the spokesperson but you post a few seconds clip of her and claim she got her job because of the way she looks. I’ll bet she went to a better college than you and graduated with a better GPA. I’ll bet her resume looks better, too.

        1. Another woman’s opinion. . .

          You’re overreacting, Monica. No sexism to see here, unless it’s on the part of the Romney campaign. Why can’t you just admit to the “dumb” on display here and move along?

          Why not complain, instead, about the “sexism” of the Romney campaign in using a spokesperson this ill-informed for no better reason than that Gitcho’s attractive, the most obvious supposition here. Phil and the rest aren’t that far off the mark in highlighting it, your untoward defensiveness, notwithstanding.

          How sad that your passions got the better of you to such an extent that you were willing to indulge in such wild and irrational speculation about Gitcho’s credentials, and how they might match up with those of the other commentors. Phil, by the way, is well-credentialed.

          Your last name wouldn’t be “Gitcho”, by any chance, would it?

  1. Valuing anti-intellectualism has brought the GOP to this. It’s pretty surreal. Equally surreal are the intellectuals at the DNC who don’t seem to use their intellect.

    I think the human race is devolving.

    I’d bet my wisdom teeth, my appendix, and my spleen that Scott Walker’s got a vestigial tail jutting out of his coccyx.

  2. Better question “Will the media actually call out the Romney people on their BS, and give them no credibility when they have deserved none?”

    This is what I’m tired of, these people constantly lie and get it wrong, and never get held accountable.

    By the way, how dumb do you have to be to become a GOP operative? This is just a national version of the Hooters Girl spokeswoman for Walker.

    1. Working at Hooters doesn’t mean a person is dumb. The men that go into Hooters…well that is a different story. Bringing up the fact a woman had a job at Hooters…and, therefore, it must mean she is dumb and cannot improve on her life and career without being tainted by working at Hooters is sexist. So how many times do you all frequent Hooters?? A lot I bet. LOL.

  3. Wow…such evolved democrats on here. You people are sexist…and disgusting. If I were to say anything similar about a person of a different race you’d all be up in arms. Hypocrites.

      1. Phil you’re the shrill. Explain your sexist hypocrisy. Explain why it wasn’t okay for Kilmeade to make a sexist joke but it’s okay for you and some other liberal commenters to do it. You can’t…can you…that is why you are attacking me instead.

        So weak.

  4. That’s what I admire about Scott Walker. He’s not sexist in his hiring or associations; remember that felon from Illinois he brought in for the Courthouse guards and how about Kathy whatshername who didn’t know how to count, Then there is Russell, Wink, and on and on…

  5. I only got sucked in here by a post title that far exceeded the appeal of the post contents … and I won’t even go into the comments section.

    Give your headline writer a bonus.

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